The fine art of balancing

It is a good practice to remember when installing a light on a ceiling fan to select the light fixture that was designed for your particular model. It is the best way to prevent disruption in balance of the mechanisms. If, however, you install the correct light fixture that matches the manufacturer’s recommendation for your brand and model and vibration occurs, it could be caused by other factors.

Accumulated dust and dirt can disrupt the fine balance of a ceiling fan. Always be sure to clean the blades and check for any loose screws during the process. Also, check to see if any of the blades are warped (they should lie flat when placed on a flat surface). If any of the blades are warped, replace the entire set, not just a single blade. Blades are manufactured in sets to maintain accurate blade balance. And, as with the light fixture accessory, the blades should be those recommended by the manufacturer to fit your ceiling fan.

If the problem continues, examine the blade irons. The irons are manufactured to sit at a 12-degree angle. If one of them becomes bent, the balance will be disrupted. Stack the blade irons on top of each other to assure that they all match. If one is out of alignment, have it replaced. Next, with the blades and irons removed, check the motor by turning the fan on to its fastest setting. It should not wobble. If it does, have the motor checked for repairs by an authorized repair center for your brand of fan.

If the motor doesn’t wobble and the fan still vibrates when reassembled, you can use small weights to fine-tune the balance of the blades. Weights are available at home centers and local fan dealers. Washers or small coins also will work.

The weights should be placed on top of the fan blades. If you are balancing a four-bladed fan, balance two opposite blades at a time. Keep the weights in place with masking tape until you have achieved the correct balance. This may take some time for fine-tuning. Once the blades are in balance and there is no vibration, glue the weights onto the blades as a permanent attachment. Be careful to keep the weights in the exact same position as you glue them onto the blades.


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