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Jelly Belly debuts beer-flavored jelly bean

Jelly Belly has finally given the people what they want: a beer-flavored jelly bean.

‘Slightly haunted’ house getting wrong type of visitors

When some Pennsylvania homeowners listed their house for sale, they advertised it as “slightly haunted” because of mysterious noises and creepy vibe. Lots of people have toured the house, but no potential buyers.

Vatican blasted for sex abuse scandal

The Vatican came under blistering criticism from a U.N. committee Thursday for its handling of the global priest sex abuse scandal.

Stretch for success, and remember to breathe

I recently took an impressive continuing education course with the Stretch to Win Institute. Owners Chris and Ann Fredrick have spent a few decades researching and perfecting their stretch techniques.

Velveeta might be late to football fiestas

Playoff parties may have one fewer dip option this year. Kraft Foods says some customers may not be able to find Velveeta cheese over the next few weeks.

Teacher loses 37 pounds eating only McDonald’s

An Iowa science teacher inspired by the 2004 documentary Supersize Me went on a McDonald’s-only diet recently to show it is our dietary choices, not the food itself, that causes weight gain.

Smokers: Yearly lung scans could save your life

Certain current or former heavy smokers should start getting yearly scans for lung cancer to cut their risk of death from the nation’s top cancer killer, government advisers said Monday — even as they stressed that the tests aren’t for everyone.

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