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Healthy plants have better tolerance to heat

Plants originally coming from a desert are watered less often than those that don’t come from deserts. This is because desert plants have methods of surviving a longer time between irrigations.

Yoga bolsters mental, physical strength at any age

Why not try yoga during these downward dog days of summer? Local instructor Diane Rosenstein, 72, explains how it nurtures our bodies and minds.

Pruning oleander tree is only temporary fix

There is such a thing as root-to-shoot ratio. What that means is that the top of the oleander tree returns to its pre-pruning height as quickly as possible. It’s because of the size of the roots.

Double-potting protects plants from heat, wind

Double-potting plants exposed to the sun is recommended for two reasons: The heat kills roots in the side of the container facing the sun and smaller pots blow over in the wind.