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Water conservation rebate reversal is head-scratcher

A water conservation program offering a rebate encouraging property owners to remove grass in favor of desert landscaping has come under attack in some quarters for permitting one property owner to renew his love affair with a lawn.

Stopping the source only sure way to beat flies

Question: My husband and I spend four months away from the valley during the summer. When we returned in late September, we could not believe the number of flies in our yard, and because we are used to leaving our doors open, in our house.

Ash Meadows sure to leave the senses sated

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge serves at least two important functions: Preserving rare creatures and plants, and preserving the sanity of urban visitors by surrounding them with the beauty of green wetlands, glimpses of small fish darting through natural pools, and the sound of birdsong.

Planting fruit trees between pines not the way to go

Question: I recently moved into a home in Henderson, and I have a large back yard with about seven pine trees lining the property. The trees are spaced approximately 8 feet apart. I am contemplating planting fruit trees between the pines, and once they reach maturity, I would remove the pine trees. What do you think about this approach?

Wine lovers have a tasty golf session in store

Oenophiles, please take note. There’s a new trend popping up in the golf world and in Las Vegas in particular, which I find very cheering. I’m all for it, and I believe you will find it to your liking as well.

Economic recovery as slow for Summerlin as rest of state

Once upon a time, Summerlin was a beehive of new home development –– that is until the economic meltdown hit Nevada, and especially Las Vegas, with the force of a tsunami.

Apricot spread depends on its rootstock

Question: Before I plant my apricot tree this spring, I would like to know how much space I should allocate for it. Does a Blenheim apricot lend itself to close pruning?

Explore Death Valley’s singing Eureka Dunes

Some of the tallest sand dunes in North America can be found in the remote and extreme northern section of Death Valley National Park, California. The Eureka Dunes, in the enclosed Eureka Valley, have a base elevation of about 3,000 feet, and from there, they rise up nearly 700 feet more. The formation is about three miles long from north to south and one mile wide.

Elegant Amaryllis takes gentle handling

Question: I was wondering when is the best time to transplant the Amaryllis plants — now or in the spring? They bloomed beautifully this past summer but seem to be getting a bit pot-bound. I also wonder if regular potting soil is best, and when and how often they need to be fertilized?

Artificial flora experiment has roots in cost saving

Maybe you haven’t noticed the artificial flora that have replaced the real McCoy on the median islands along a two-mile stretch of Rampart Boulevard, separating Sun City Summerlin from Desert Shores. Or maybe it’s just that you never realized the difference.

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