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Miniature trees work better in containers

Question: I’m super excited to order some fruit trees this year from the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Orchard, but it only makes sense for us to have them in large containers. Which varieties would do well in containers?

Apple production time varies

Question: I live in Summerlin and have a Bartlett pear tree. I wish to plant an apple with a harvest time far from the Bartlett pear so I don’t have too much fruit at once. Which apple varieties would be best? I have received conflicting information from local sources.

Older fig trees require more water

Question: I have one black mission and one white fig planted six years ago. The second crop of figs are small and easily fall off. I’m guessing they get 6 gallons every other day during the heat. Both trees grow very rapidly and are very healthy. What can be done to increase fig growth?

Humidity causes most plant disease problems

Question: I am sending you a picture of my funky-looking tree. I think it has some sort of disease problem.

Keep tree roots away from walls

Question: We planted a very small fig tree next to our wall 11 years ago, and now it is taking over the whole backyard. I heard the roots can do considerable damage to our plumbing and wall.

Rabbit-proofing requires a few tricks

Question: Do you have any solutions for keeping rabbits from eating plants? I live in Sun City Anthem, and they are a real problem. I just planted some lovely gerbera daisies, and they’ve eaten the plants to the ground.

Creeping vine plants require plenty of sunlight

We planted three creepers this spring, and all but one is thriving. The leaves are being stripped. I’ve checked at different times of day for bugs, but all I can see are a few ants. Any suggestions?

Belligerent Bermudagrass tough to destroy

Question: I have a small fescue lawn that is being taken over by what appears to be Bermudagrass or some type of large-blade thick, dense grass that is much greener and thicker than the fescue grass.

Pluot gumming can be from borers, sunburn

Question: We planted a pluot this past spring along with four peach trees of different varieties. The pluot just started oozing sap or gumming on the lower truck.

Citrus persnickety especially when young

Question: We have a question about our 5 to 6 year old naval orange tree. For the past 2 to 3 years, we left the fruit on the tree until the weather man said freezing temperatures were coming. But with just cold nights, the fruit seems to dry out. Can we pick the fruit early and let the oranges ripen in the house?