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Trip turns into an adventure for abandoned boy

There are days when slamming your bedroom door, though it might get you in trouble, is really satisfying. Those are the days when everybody bugs you, nothing goes right, and you just want to scream, stomp, storm and slam.
Sometimes, you just want to be left alone. But what if everybody left you — for good?

Book Review: Kids will want to dive right into ‘Pig Kahuna’

Have you ever been scared of something? Really scared? Sure you have, and there doesn’t even have to be a reason. You might be scared of the dark because it’s… dark. Maybe you’re scared of dogs, because they make a ferocious noise. Or you’re scared of clowns, because they look funny. You might not be able to put your finger on why you’re scared, but it doesn’t matter.

Kids can prepare for anything with survival book

There is absolutely no way you’re staying inside another minute. All year long, when school’s in session, you spend enough time indoors. But with summer here and the free time that comes with it, you plan on being outside as much as possible — hiking, exploring and camping. But what if you get lost?

Bedtime book is for Mom and Dad, not the kids

“Go the F**k to Sleep” certainly looks like a children’s book with lush illustrations. The soft cadence of the poem brings to mind the most beloved of bedtime storybooks. But look again, check your eyes, and you’ll see why you want to keep this book on the highest shelf in your home. Yep, it’s really about as far from a children’s book as any book can be.

Children’s role in Civil Rights explored

You are an observant kid. You pay attention.
For a while now, you’ve listened to the news and you have opinions. You know what you’d do about war if you were president. You have ideas on how to stop poverty, hunger and other world problems.
So what can a kid like you do?

Have fun with biology in ‘Totally Human’

The other day, you were outside playing and you hit your head.
Ouch! It hurt so much that you started to cry, both eyes watering. Your ears rang and you cried so hard, you started to hiccup. But you were fine, you felt better later and you even managed a laugh when your dad tickled you a little.

Dad may not fly, but he’s a storybook hero

Superman is not so super.Oh, sure, he can leap over buildings, but does he give horseback rides? He can stop trains, but can he stop your sister from bugging you? He may not ,but your dad can.

Teens will scream for new audiobook

You’re a pretty smart kid.
If something is broken, you try to fix it or you work around it. You’re good at figuring things out and making up inventions as you need them. Best of all, if you can’t wrap your brain around a problem, you know enough to ask for help. You’re a smart kid, but you can’t do everything yourself. So, what if it was up to you to save your family or even your entire neighborhood?

‘A Pet for Miss Wright’ is just right

Imagine if you went to school and you were the only kid in class.
You’d have to read to yourself and play games alone. There’d be nobody to practice spelling with. Nobody to draw or color with. Nobody to laugh at your stupid jokes.
Going to school all alone would be weird. And it would be no fun.