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Teams visit homes to persuade dropouts to return to school

Four men in a van roll into a rough neighborhood along 28th Street, looking for a teenager. The file lists a name, Juaquin Ramirez, his age, 16, his history and an address. Juaquin doesn’t know they’re coming. If he did, he’d be gone.

Celebrate a love of learning with OLLI

At the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute there are no teachers and students but rather coordinators and members — more than 940 of them last year. OLLI offers 54 different courses, or “study groups,” as the members prefer them to be called.

Efficiency expert sees outsourcing as solution to school district’s woes

The Clark County School District could feed $162 million more into classrooms over the next five years if it pulls money from departments not operating as “efficiently” as possible, namely custodial services and transportation.

T-shirt tower display to honor 9/11 victims at UNLV

Troy Gillett, a University of Nevada, Las Vegas, alumnus, has created two winding columns of about 5,000 T-shirts for display at Lied Library as part of UNLV’s events commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The T-shirts were given to UNLV by New York-New York, which collected them from a shrine that was created outside the hotel following the terrorist attacks.

Culinary school grads claim deception, high debt

Food enthusiasts have been enrolling in culinary school in growing numbers, lured by dreams of working as gourmet chefs or opening their own restaurants. For many graduates, however, those dreams have turned into financial nightmares, as they struggle to pay off hefty student loans and find work in a cutthroat industry known for its long hours and low pay.

Some schools have too few students, others too many

In the teeth of a poor economy, populations in the Clark County School District have shifted or declined. That has left some campuses empty while others are packed to the gills.

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