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One killed, two hurt in shooting at bar

One person was killed and two others were injured in a gang-related shooting at a Las Vegas bar early Saturday morning.

Las Vegas police responded to a call at 1 a.m. at Bugsy’s Supper Club of Las Vegas reporting multiple shots fired.

When police arrived, they found one man dead in the parking lot from multiple gunshot wounds and two other men shot in the leg, Lt. Lew Roberts said.

The two injured men had injuries that were not life-threatening, he said.

The shooting stemmed from an argument involving two groups of men at the bar, according to Roberts.

"At this point, I feel pretty confident saying it’s definitely gang-related," he said.

Police don’t have a description of the suspect or the suspect’s vehicle. Roberts said most people at the scene were uncooperative with police.

Anybody with information on the shooting is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 385-5555.


Sparks school prohibits large groups at recess

Three is company, but four is a crowd at one Sparks elementary school.

In an attempt to prevent bullying and intimidation at recess, Marvin Moss Elementary School Principal Kristen McNeill has prohibited some students from hanging out in groups of four or more during recess unless they’re involved in a "structured activity."

"We are having some concerns with students in our intermediate grades roving around on the playground in large groups," McNeill wrote in a letter to parents sent April 10. "This would not be an issue if it were not for some of our students feeling intimidated with this behavior."

The rule applies to students in grades four through six.


Trooper on big rig will look to ticket violators

That big rig rolling down Reno freeways is on a mission.

The Nevada Highway Patrol and state Department of Transportation have unveiled the Nevada Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks program.

With a Transportation Department driver and a trooper in the passenger’s seat, the rig will cruise freeways around Reno looking for bad drivers, especially those who tailgate big trucks or make illegal lane changes.

The trooper in the truck who sees violations will summon another NHP vehicle to make a stop. Offenders will be ticketed.


Officer saves woman from python’s squeeze

A Eugene, Ore., pet store owner is calling a police sergeant a hero for saving her from the coils of a 12-foot Burmese python doing its best to turn her into a meal.

Teresa Rossiter had reached into a cage Thursday to show the huge snake to a customer when it bit her right hand and coiled around her left arm to throw her to the floor.

A friend who happened to be at the store kept the snake off her neck and body while police were called.

And when Sgt. Ryan Nelson rushed into the store, he was ready to kill the snake with his knife.

But Rossiter asked him to spare the expensive python, so Nelson put on gloves and pried open the snake’s mouth to free Rossiter’s hand.

Two responders from the Eugene Fire Department helped unwrap the snake, which was eventually returned to its cage.

Rossiter suffered dozens of puncture wounds, but she, the sergeant and the python were fine.


Las Vegas man convicted in Illinois

A Las Vegas man has been convicted in southern Illinois for masterminding a telemarketing scheme that swindled at least $43 million from more than 300,000 people.

The government alleged Kyle Kimoto’s company led consumers to believe they would get credit cards. But those who responded and paid fees of $159 or more didn’t get credit cards. They received an application for a card that had to be loaded with money before it could be used.

Kimoto was indicted in June on more than a dozen fraud counts. He faces up to 175 years in prison and a $3.5 million fine.

A former Kimoto business associate, Peter Porcelli II of Florida, pleaded guilty last May to federal fraud charges.

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Mall shooting in Copenhagen leaves 3 dead, 3 critical; suspect arrested

A 22-year-old Danish man was arrested after the shooting, Copenhagen police inspector Søren Thomassen told reporters, adding there was no indication that anyone else was involved, though police were still investigating.

Russia gains control of last pivotal eastern Ukrainian city

Ukraine’s General Staff of the military reported that its forces had withdrawn from Lysychansk in Luhansk province, but the president said the fight for the city was ongoing.

Uvandle police Chief Arredondo resigns from City Council

“After much consideration, I regret to inform those who voted for me that I have decided to step down as a member of the City Council for District 3,” Pete Arredondo told the Leader-News.