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Drivers get hot under collar over other drivers

Why do I always have to be the one to write about your traffic gripes? After all, you guys and gals are the ones burning over what you see on Sin City’s streets. So you all can just go ahead and write your own column.

Like you, Skip Perley. You’re steamed that your emissions test cost a nickel under $20. And for what?

"It appears that my vehicle’s computer did all the work while the technician simply stood around chatting," Skip said.

"Once upon a time, testing facilities had a large investment in emissions testing equipment, and that was the basis for the fee," he said. "Maybe the vehicle emissions fees should be revisited. It sure seems like somebody is being paid a lot of money to maintain a computer and an Internet connection."

That would be AOL, from the looks of my Internet bill.

Michael Jeffers saves his spite for the moneyrail, er, moronrail. Oh, I mean the Las Vegas Monorail.

"I said it from the very beginning — I’m sure you’ve heard this before — building the monorail where it is now would be a big mistake," Jeffers said. "It favors only the back side of casinos and hotels on one side of the street. It is a considerable walk as it is in order to take the ride.

"I lived in Seattle for 14 years and from the beginning of the present monorail that was built right down the middle of a busy street, with success," Michael said.

But if they built the monorail right, what would we have to talk about? Californians, of course. One reader blames our bad driving on drivers headed into the valley on northbound Interstate 15.

"Forget the fact that those license plates read ‘Nevada.’ Rest assured the drivers of cars and trucks you see on our roads speeding, tailgating and otherwise driving in a reckless manner are from California," writes the reader, who asked that his name be withheld.

"It’s hard to break years and years of bad driving habits, and unfortunately, California motorists have brought theirs with them on their move to the valley," the reader said. "It would be very interesting if cops who pull drivers over for various infractions would ask the question, ‘Are you previously from California?’ The percentages would astound you."

When the Warm Springs Road bridge over I-15 was crippled in May by a truck crash, Elsie Aimar lost a direct link between home and a hospital where her husband was undergoing rehabilitation. It forced her into a roundabout detour in the landlocked southwestern valley.

"I wish I could calculate how much extra fuel I used in the process," Elsie said. "I wish I knew how many hundreds of people have been inconvenienced by this stupid truck. I think we should be able to file a class-action lawsuit against the carrier for reimbursement for fuel, time and stress. Believe me, I had more than my share of stress trying to get to and from rehab.

"If the company gets away with only (paying for) repairs, great injustice has been done against those of us who live west of the (Las Vegas) Boulevard," she wrote.

Listen to Larry Brickner, and you would think that a great injustice is done to anybody waiting in the never-ending cab line at McCarran International Airport.

"I see many people approach the line and then leave to find a limo, bus or rental car. Those that stay grumble and complain. What a wonderful way for them to start their visit here!" wrote Larry. "Then there are the weather issues. There are no amenities for weather while in the line. No infrared heaters during the winter and no misters or fans during the summer.

"Until the airport folks experience for themselves what their customers must endure, I don’t expect any improvements," he said.

Bill Senechal doesn’t seem to mind that our traffic laws remained relatively unchanged by the 2007 Legislature: "Why advocate more traffic laws when the ones on the books aren’t being obeyed, and the police seldom enforce?

"I challenge anyone to drive the speed limit on any Las Vegas roadway and not have almost every other vehicle speed by. Police vehicles even speed by, without the lights and siren," Bill said. "The exception is in school zones. Law enforcement has the public’s attention there. When was the last time you saw someone come to a complete stop at a stop sign?"

What little ticketing that goes on is undermined by attorneys billing themselves as "ticket fixers," E. Miller of Henderson said.

"How can anybody worry if after enforcement you don’t have to worry about fines or points of traffic school?" asked E. "Do you really think people are going to take their driving habits seriously?"

Not in these parts, mister. Folks are too busy griping to watch what they do behind the wheel.

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