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Fifth Street bridging Beltway

This week readers want to know if there are plans to build an exit at North Fifth Street and the Las Vegas Beltway in North Las Vegas; what is the work being done on Tropicana Avenue near McCarran International Airport; and can drivers park their vehicles on the opposite side of a street? And the Road Warrior clarifies a northbound/southbound boo-boo.

A reader asks: Are there any plans to build an exit on the Beltway at North Fifth Street so drivers heading west can exit?

I can only imagine the jealousy of drivers heading west on the Beltway as they watch eastbound motorists exit at North Fifth to the recently opened shopping complex there.

For any drivers green with envy there’s good news.

The Clark County Public Works Department, which oversees the Beltway, already is accepting bids on phase two of the project that would see the Beltway converted to a full freeway from Decatur Boulevard to North Fifth.

Spokesman Bobby Shelton said part of that plan is to build a bridge over the Beltway at North Fifth so drivers can exit and enter the westbound Beltway.

The estimated $70 million project will include laying down new mainline travel lanes and an interchange at Revere Street, Shelton said.

Once construction begins, it will take more than a year and a half to complete, he said.

Susan asks: How long will the lane closures on Tropicana, between the airport and Las Vegas Boulevard, last?

The work is part of a utility line project that will eventually connect to the new $2.4 billion terminal being constructed at McCarran, said spokesman Chris Jones.

Motorists can expect delays and lane restrictions through September on Tropicana Avenue, from Paradise Road to Interstate 15.

Two lanes will remain open in each direction throughout the duration of the project, Jones said.

The airport had to build a new permanent connection linking McCarran to a new NV Energy substation just west of the Strip on Frank Sinatra Drive, Jones said.

“The airport is now powered by other substations that no longer have available capacity to service McCarran’s future needs,” he said.

It’s probably best to avoid Tropicana, between McCarran and Las Vegas Boulevard. Consider using Flamingo Road or using the airport connector at Interstate 215 to avoid the construction and the resulting congestion.

Tom Allan asks: Are drivers allowed to park on the opposite side of a two way road, so when the driver exits the vehicle they step onto the side walk?

No. You’ll have to risk your life when exiting the driver’s side of the vehicle like the rest of us.

Nevada Revised Statute 484.403, section 1, states: “Every vehicle stopped or parked upon a highway where there are adjacent curbs must be stopped or parked with the right-hand wheels of the vehicle parallel to and within 18 inches of the right-hand curb.”

There are some exceptions. Section 2 of the statute allows local authorities to permit drivers to park on the left-hand curb if on a one-way road.

Carlos Santistevan writes: I think you have it backwards in your March 22 column. Previously, traffic on I-15 north was flowing in the northbound lanes, and now traffic has shifted to the southbound lanes.

Carlos is correct. I had written the opposite in my Sunday column. I hope it didn’t cause too much confusion.

I also noted that the southbound offramp to Cheyenne wouldn’t be opened, which also was incorrect as reader Daryl Gibson pointed out. The offramp is open for travel.

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