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Assembly District 19

Assembly District 19 Republican candidates Chris Edwards and Connie Foust both hold conservative views when it comes to raising state revenue through taxation.

Assembly District 18

The Assembly District 18 incumbent is eyeing a fourth term in a district where Democrats hold a 2-1 advantage.

Assembly District 14

Quay Simons says he’s tired of legislators voting against what he feels the people want.

Assembly District 13

There is a lot riding on the outcome of the Republican primary in Assembly District 13.

Assembly District 10

Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-to-1 in Assembly District 10, but in 2014 the seat went to Republican Shelly Shelton when she successfully challenged the Democratic candidate’s residency. Shelton is up for re-election this year.

Assembly District 9

Assemblyman David Gardner is proud of his efforts during his freshman year in the 2015 Nevada Legislature.

Assembly District 6

Whoever wins the crowded Democratic primary race for an open seat in Assembly District 6 will be in a prime position to win in November.

Assembly District 5

One hot topic precedes any others in the race for Assembly District 5: reforming Nevada’s education system. All five first-time candidates said they want to see more accountability and transparency in the funding of education.

Assembly District 1

Two Republicans, including the great-grandson of “Wizard of Oz” author L. Frank Baum, are running in the June 14 primary for a chance to represent Assembly District 1, but voter demographics suggest the seat will stay in Democratic hands come November.

State Senate District 6

Two Republicans are squaring off for the nomination for the state Senate District 6 seat, after both were on opposing sides of the Assembly’s vote on a historical $1.5 billion tax increase the Legislature passed in 2015 for public education.

Law enforcement group tells Michele Fiore she’s ‘unqualified’ for Congress

The Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers has criticized Republican Assemblywoman Michele Fiore’s April comments about pointing a firearm at an officer as “an embarrassment” to Nevada and says she’s unfit for the congressional post she’s seeking.

Lawmakers discuss possible rules for the road

Making room for bicyclists, the potential impact of recreational marijuana and cellphone use while driving are among hot-button transportation topics that could be discussed when the Legislature meets in February, several Nevada lawmakers said Tuesday.

Nevada legislative endorsements reflect schism within Republican Party

A list of endorsed candidates in legislative races issued by the Nevada Republican Party underscores the divisiveness between the rank-and-file and establishment party leaders in control of state government.

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