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Portland leads San Diego

Portland has jumped out to a 37-28 lead at the half in the final second-round matchup of the day at the West Coast Conference tournament at the Orleans Arena.
San Diego was staying close by slowing down the game for a time, but a quick 11-2 spurt put the Pilots ahead 24-15 with about eight minutes to play.
T.J. Campbell hit a 3-pointer from the top of the key at the buzzer and has nine points and five assists for Portland.
The Pilots are 5-for-10 from 3-point range and have only turned the ball over three times.
Jared Stohl added eight points for Portland.
Ken Rancifer has a game-high 10 points for San Diego, but Brandon Johnson was held to just four in the first half.


Yesterday, it was clear that Pepperdine had the strangest mascot in the country.
Portland is now in the running, though, it’s the Pilots mascot is more ponderous than strange.
It’s clear that he is supposed to be a Pilot. You know that because of the odd hat that he is wearing. It actually appears to be something closer to a conductor’s hat, but that’s beside the point.
The most bizarre part of the get-up is that he is ripped like Mark McGwire in a home run chase.
It’s clear the mascot costume is on some sort of steroids or HGH. But why would a pilot have to be so strong?
It really doesn’t make any sense.
Pepperdine is still the clubhouse leader in the strangest mascot contest, but if Portland stays in the tournament much longer, it might be right back in the running.


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