Renting? Simple advice for protecting your apartment from burglary

Apartment dwelling has many advantages for plenty of American singles and families these days, from greater financial flexibility and less maintenance responsibility, to increased mobility in terms of job hunting. Security, however, remains an issue for apartments.

In fact, “renters are far more likely than owners to be burglary victims,” according to the National Crime Prevention Council, “at a rate of 85 percent higher than home-owning households.” Many factors attract burglars to apartments, including:

* High occupancy buildings help mask a burglar’s movements. Residents may be unaware that someone who shouldn’t be there is entering an apartment.

* Most renters fail to get renters insurance. Insuring your home can make you more aware of security issues, and more likely to take protective measures.

* Apartments are often inhabited by singles or working couples who are likely to be out of the home during the day, when the majority of burglaries occur.

* Renters who live on higher levels of a building may not lock windows and balcony doors, assuming burglars won’t be able to reach them to enter the apartment. But fire escapes can provide access to enterprising burglars.

* In some cases, the burglar may even be a resident of the building, and so more aware of when you’re not home.

Apartment renters insurance can help protect your property and cover the financial loss you experience if burglars strike your home. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy to get free renters insurance quotes and buy renters insurance online.

Once your home and property is protected by renters insurance coverage, you need to take additional steps to make your rental less attractive to burglars. You can find advice and a safety checklist for apartments online from The National Crime Prevention Council.

You can also find additional advice online from resources like The website points out that the majority of apartment burglars gain access through unlocked windows and doors using simple tools like screwdrivers, hammers, small pry bars and pliers.

To protect your apartment, experts agree you should:

* Ensure the door has a peephole and deadbolt, and use them regularly.
* Lock all windows and doors, no matter what floor your apartment is on.
* Be particularly careful with sliding glass doors, using track bars and frame pins to keep them secure.

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