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Neon Rebirth

Health care — A growing economic sector in Southern Nevada

During the Great Recession, people still got sick, had surgeries, experienced accidents and had babies. But with record unemployment, many Las Vegans — without health insurance or other means to pay for services — ended up in emergency rooms.

New homes, new hope: Skye Canyon takes flight

In no other area is economic revival more prevalent than in the far northwest valley. Located at the last exit along U.S. Highway 95 before Kyle Canyon Road, Skye Canyon is one of the first master-planned communities to begin construction in Southern Nevada since the recession.

Better start saving: Buying a home today takes planning, persistence

The year was 2007. Many people were buying houses they could otherwise not afford, gambling on the chance that prices would continue to rise, allowing them to eventually refinance or sell at a profit. In between the creative financing, looser credit standards and easy loans was a chance for them to attain stability and security — until homebuyers realized they had played the wrong cards.

Bye-bye boom years: Working more, making less in Las Vegas

The economic downturn affected nearly every job category in Las Vegas metro. Companies downsized, and even workers who still had a job saw their pay or hours cut.