They come in with heads full of mush …

What are university students there for?

An education?

No, a degree.

That’s what makes all the folderol over the state university budget cuts so, well, academic.

There is one line in today’s newspaper that is the bottom line, the end all, the raison d’être: "Students fear more cuts could delay them from graduating …"

The university system is a starched collar on casual Friday. Has anyone ever walked out of a university with a degree fully prepared for a career, ready to be a productive member of society because they took that required 400-level class in science, even though it was astronomy and their major was nursing?

Instead of saying this is how we’ve always done it, perhaps someone should look at the original objective of education and see if it can be accomplished in a better, dare I say it, less expensive way.

No, it is like hazing. No one wants to be put through it, but once it is your turn to dish it out, you are more than willing to make the other poor fellow go through it. The boss has a degree, so must his job applicants.

To paraphrase the movie line, they come in with heads full of mush and the leave with degrees. Their heads are still full of mush but they’ve proven they can survive a bureaucracy, follow orders and play the game.

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