All the money comes from us in the first place

To the editor:

Jim Day’s Thursday editorial cartoon is an excellent example of the misinformation prevalent in today’s society. Mr. Day insinuates that all government programs are gifts from the government and that those opposed to excessive government spending risk forfeiting these gifts.

Wake up, people. There is no money stashed in Washington.

Any money spent on bailouts, so-called health care reform, etc., comes from us, not the politicians. Not only did many of us put money into the Social Security program for 35 or 40 years — money that many will never live long enough to get back — but now we are taxed on a portion of our own money that our government, graciously according to Mr. Day, gives back to us.

If you ever get to speak to one of Nevada’s national politicians, ask him or her about the status of the Social Security “trust fund.” You might be surprised to learn that there is no such thing — the politicians have spent all your money.

Daniel P. Doyle


A buffoon

To the editor:

Once again President Jimmy Carter has stuck his foot in his mouth. He is without a doubt the most inept president in my lifetime. He presided over the worst economy since 1929 and is now offering advice to President Obama.

He is claiming that if you disagree with the policies of Mr. Obama you are a racist. This man is a buffoon and a complete disgrace to all Americans.

He should just retire and stop embarrassing himself with his outrageous tirades.

R.A. Salter


Covert racism

To the editor:

Bemusing as it was to read your Thursday editorial on the president’s critics (“Throwing down the race card”), I was still surprised by the intensity of the rebuke.

The editorial’s claim that the allegations of racism were despicable is exposing the Review-Journal’s naiveté. I see and hear the feelings of racism about our commander in chief within my own family and among my own friends. It isn’t overt racism, but there it is nonetheless, lurking just below the surface.

It’s sort of like a congressman shouting “You lie!” while the president addresses a joint session of Congress.

Robert Bencivenga


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