Democrats creating more dependent constituencies

To the editor:

The events of this weekend have finally exposed the reality of what the leadership of the Democratic Party has been after during the entire health care debate. This has never been about health care, this has been about building another voting bloc for the Democrats.

This voter bloc is going to be built on the backs of the upper-middle class and provide a power base for the Democrats for years to come.

Sen. Harry Reid cut two deals wherein Nebraska and Louisiana get funding relief from the new federal mandate for Medicaid. Why did they ask for these deals? Because the states that don’t get these sweetheart deals will have to raise taxes to make up for the immense shortfall the federal government is about to load on the other states. Will insurance premiums go down? Of course not. Now insurance companies will be compelled to raise premiums to cover those people with pre-existing conditions and illness.

That means more profits for the insurance industry — paid for by higher premiums on those who have existing policies. That’s right, the middle and upper classes.

The 31 million people we are about to subsidize? There is no doubt that these recipients will be primarily voters around the poverty level who will vote Democratic for years to come. If you don’t believe that, look at the percentage of African-Americans who vote for Democrats — it’s about 90 percent in every election. And these are the same wonderful gifts bestowed upon the African-Americans in the 1960s.

So when you open your insurance invoice next year and your rates have gone up by close to 40 percent, you can thank Sen. Reid for this “gift” of legislation. When the state of Nevada raises taxes and fees, you can be comforted in the knowledge that Sen. Reid didn’t raise your federal tax. And when the Medicare system begins rationing care for you seniors, you can thank your lucky stars that you have contributed your health to keeping Sen. Reid and the Democrats in control.

Joseph Schillmoeller


Harry care

To the editor:

In response to Jan Jones’ commentary in Sunday’s Viewpoints section endorsing Sen. Harry Reid’s re-election:

I take tremendous umbrage with almost all of her examples, but especially with the two about health care and jobs.

On health care, the former Las Vegas mayor writes, “Thanks to Harry Reid, there’s a good chance that Nevada families will soon be protected from out-of-control health care bills.” But Sen. Reid’s health care bill in the Senate creates a trillion-dollar entitlement that won’t fix our current problems and won’t save money. A large majority — 65 percent — of this country and Nevada have finally realized the facts and don’t want to place the unavoidable deficit burden it will create on our children and grandchildren. So much for the kids — they don’t have a vote.

On jobs, Ms. Jones says, “He’s delivered more jobs and revenues for Nevada families than anyone in the state’s history.” I assert that Sen. Reid has eliminated more jobs and squandered far more potential revenues for Nevada families than anyone in the state’s history.

For proof, I offer exactly what Ms. Jones does — zilch. But the proof is coming shortly. Wait until health care is “fully covered” (taxes start shortly but coverage doesn’t occur until 2014) and until Uncle Sam dips into your pocket to “spread the wealth.”

Shad Dvorchak


Nevadans get nada

To the editor:

Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu got $300 million ceded in the health care package for her vote.

Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson secured almost as much, or more, in full federal funding for expanded Medicaid coverage to Nebraskans below the federal poverty level and concessions for nonprofit insurers and Medigap providers from the new insurance tax. He also got a rollback of cuts to Nebraska health savings accounts for his vote.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was conceded $10 billion for community health centers to provide services to low-level income people.

What did Nevadans get?

Well, we get to pay a fine of $750 yearly if we don’t sign up for health insurance. We also will be coerced into paying some of the $400 billion in new taxes to be levied over the next decade. Nevada seniors will get a $500 billion reduction in Medicare services.

Way to go, Sen. Reid. Thanks for looking out for us. And thanks for ignoring the fact that more than 60 percent of Americans do not want this ObamaCare catastrophe.

In 2010, we’ll look out for you.

George Pucine


Bad teacher

To the editor:

Stop the presses! A teacher voices her opinion to her students about the Holocaust and suddenly she is sent home (Review-Journal, Friday). The students are in an uproar over her comments but don’t want to speak up out of fear, so they talk to Mommy and Daddy about it, who go to the media.

While I don’t agree with what the teacher said, I cannot believe that this is what these kids are upset about. Why are they not protesting the education system as a whole? Poorly educated teachers, not enough books to go around, drugs, weapons and violence in the schools, students who are poorly prepared to take the proficiency exams, low graduation rates throughout, etc.

Wake up. If they want to take on a cause, improve the education process for the students coming up. Volunteer to tutor their classmates and those at the elementary and middle schools in their neighborhoods.

Sit down and have an adult conversation with the teacher and educate her about history. Step up and make a real difference.

Kim Kirwan


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