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Shut the door, we’re too big already

Henry Brean’s Wednesday story, “Pop goes the population” notes that Nevada is going to get its 3 millionth resident soon. How is this a good thing?

We have no water. And despite the population growth, property taxes don’t cover our needs — as is attested by the sales tax hike for more cops. Dallas is broke from paying pensions; we inch closer every day. If we get this stadium, road work will congest our streets again for another two cone years.

I’m not welcoming the 3 millionth resident.

Kipp Altemara

Las Vegas

Who’s hostile?

Regarding your Dec. 21 editorial, “Disturbing hostility,” the real irony of all this “disturbing hostility” is that it seems to be such a shock to Republicans, who for the past eight years have been nothing but hostile to President Obama. He was elected by both popular and electoral majorities twice, despite vicious lies about his birthplace — by Donald Trump and others — and pledges in Congress to block everything he did.

Now a majority of American voters must accept as president a man for whom they did not vote, a man who has consistently insulted and offended them. Mr. Trump says he wants to be president for “all Americans.” Well, not all Americans are white and millions of them did not vote for him. It’s up to him to reach out and try to persuade them that he has the best interests of all of them at heart ahead of his own.

So far, Mr. Trump has done just the opposite. Until that changes, expect the hostility to continue. He works for us, not the other way around.

Janet Darwin

Las Vegas

Previous words

The end of your Dec. 21 editorial, “Disturbing hostility,” states that “those who continue to undermine the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s election show a disturbing hostility … .” Wasn’t it the president-elect who questioned the legitimacy of President Obama for at least five years, if not longer? Am I missing something here?

For the good of the country, we hope Mr. Trump succeeds. But don’t forget his previous words and actions.

James Hutkin


George who?

In your Thursday editorial, “Legacy games,” l notice that you never mention the George W. Bush legacy.

The conservative press has taken the position that the years 2001-2008 never existed. The financial crises that cost Americans millions of jobs, their homes and their retirements somehow happened between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Mr. Bush and his party didn’t exist — we went straight from Mr. Clinton to Mr. Obama and $19 trillion of debt and the Republican Party had nothing to do with it. You guys are amazing.

For four years, you promised the American people that Mr. Obama would be a one-term president and that the Affordable Care Act would be repealed. For seven years you promised us record high gas prices, record high inflation, record high interest rates and record high unemployment. How would you rate your legacy?

Bill Clements

Las Vegas

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