Employers 0, employees just getting welfare

To the editor:

I have just finished reading John Brummett’s Sunday commentary, “Democrats 2, Republicans 1.” I have to assume from this column that Mr. Brummett has never owned a business, written a payroll check or paid any payroll taxes.

Mr. Brummett’s belief that people would rather work than collect unemployment checks — sitting at home doing whatever they want to do — is absurd at best. While there may be five people searching for work for every job available, we should expect that at least one of them will be hired and that our unemployment rate will be reduced. In reality, just the opposite is happening.

There are jobs waiting to be filled, but far too many people who are receiving unemployment are not taking these jobs. Why, you ask? Because they get checks that are almost the same amount they can earn by actually working. Would you give up the money that the government is sending to you to stay home?

Now let’s get some real facts about this jobless situation and what is happening in Nevada.

First, it would be nice if members of our House delegation knew that “employers” pay for unemployment insurance, not employees.

Second, Nevada currently owes the U.S. government approximately $500 million that it has borrowed to make the current unemployment payments.

Third, before this past week’s extension, Nevada’s unemployed were receiving 99 weeks of benefits — now it is 125 weeks. That is a staggering five weeks short of two-and-one-half years of unemployment benefits.

Fourth, next year the employers will be facing substantially increased unemployment tax rates in order to start repaying the government and the $90 million of interest that will be due on the borrowed money. These tax increases will keep businesses from hiring new employees.

So, Mr. Brummett, do you still think it’s Democrats 2, Republicans 1 — or do you recognize that it truly is employers zero and employees just getting welfare?

Bob Dubin

Las Vegas

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