Finally prevailing over anti-smoking zealots

To the editor:

Thank goodness logic and reason may prevail with the smoking law issue (“Smoking measure advances,” Saturday Review-Journal). The vocal minority that has screeched for years over this will finally see their efforts at social engineering fail.

How many jobs and lives did they disrupt? How many businesses failed as a result of their action? How much tax revenue was lost? Where were the throngs of nonsmokers waiting to enter taverns when the smoking ban passed? Why did they want a “healthy” environment for children inside of adult taverns, anyway?

Maybe in the future, if we would like a fair vote on the subject, the choice should be a simple yes or no to smoking in public places instead of hidden lawyer gobbledegook wording that hides the true agenda of the anti-constitutional ideologues.

Robert Opp


Whose cash?

To the editor:

In Monday’s Review-Journal it was reported that Bill Clinton is going to host a bash in New York City for rich New Yorkers to raise money for Rory Reid’s run for governor of Nevada.

Excuse me, I thought that Nevadans were supposed to elect the governor. Getting money from people who are not Nevadans shows that Mr. Reid, a Clark County Commissioner, does not put Nevada first, but puts himself first. He has lost my vote.

Don Savage


Kiddie herds

To the editor:

Readers should ignore the constant argument by the Review-Journal that Nevada has adequate funds to support the services it provides, and that no increase in taxes is necessary.

Know that Nevada is last, or almost last, in every category of state funding compared to other states, and has never provided adequate funding for its schools. Clark County School District Superintendent Walt Rulffes announced that he will have to eliminate some 850 positions without new funding.

I have a suggestion for our teachers. They should shop for Western gear, because if no additional funding is provided they’ll probably have more than 40 children in their classes, and rather then being educators, they’ll be ranchers, trying to control herds of children.

How can anyone think it’s right to save money by neglecting Nevada’s children?

Richard J. Mundy


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