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Gibbons is correct about tax hikes

To the editor:

I totally agree with the predictions put forth by Gov. Jim Gibbons in the interview you published Thursday.

I, for one, am already angry about the tax increases approved by the Legislature, led by Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford and Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley. These two claim they did their jobs. Well, if the job is to kowtow to their union masters, then I guess they did do their jobs.

For governor-wannabe Buckley, her actions and absolute lack of demonstrated leadership told me all I need to know about her fitness for higher office. Instead of throwing around the word “Draconian” and associated synonyms, why didn’t she counter the Gibbons budget with the one she would’ve submitted had she been governor? Does she really believe that our world would end if UNLV and UNR were not here or significantly reduced? Would some reporter please ask her to explain how “massive” teacher layoffs would affect an economic recovery? How many undergraduate and graduate economics courses have she and Sen. Horsford completed?

Gov. Gibbons may not go down in history as our greatest governor. However, I admire his anti-tax position and he’s earned my vote against any tax and spending opponent which, by definition, encompasses all possible Democratic candidates.

William M. Mosley


Lots of czars

To the editor:

Ever since the inauguration of President Obama, I have noticed the word “czar” being used quite frequently.

It now appears there is a czar being appointed to guide every facet of our everyday activities, the latest being a cyberspace czar.

If you are interested in knowing the definition of the word czar and do not know it, look in the dictionary. For those who know what czars are all about, they should be deeply concerned.

Are we attempting to pattern our government after the old Soviet Union? Most of us who follow history know about the collapse of the Soviet Union.

As President Obama suggests, we will have to, because of our current financial crisis, “tighten our belts.” Personally, I have tightened my belt about as far as I can without subjecting myself to torture … oops, my mistake for choosing a politically incorrect word.

By the way, is there going to be any belt tightening by President Obama and his staff? It appears, from all I see and read, they all want to be wearing suspenders. Just kidding, but does Nancy Pelosi also wear them?

Clarence Lanzrath


No longer silent

To the editor:

Richard Mundy’s Friday letter to the editor screams out for a rebuttal.

I am a 68 years old and a Christian pastor who is pro-life. Factually, more than 51 percent of America has the same position as I do in this regard.

Mr. Mundy implies that people like me (us) applaud acts of murder, such as the one recently committed by Scott Roeders. Nothing could be further from the truth as that inane statement.

I also oppose Barack Obama’s attempts to nationalize health care, impose cap and trade, nationalize the nation’s businesses, approve amnesty plans and many other of his proposals that would destroy our economy and American way of life. For this, Mr. Mundy says, I, and many other red-blooded Americans, are like the Taliban.

I did my time in the military, paid my taxes, live a crime-free life, and have no issues with anyone. Yet empty-headed folks who want everything their way try to blame folks like me for their own shortcomings.

Maybe Mr. Mundy will someday come to the realization that because conservatives have become sick and tired of being named the “silent majority,” we are now speaking out in a manner similar to the liberals amongst us.

Lee S Gliddon Jr.


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