Government-run care a failure — just look at UMC

To the editor:

The County Commission is finally waking up to the fact that a government-run and sponsored county hospital is not able to sustain itself to the tune of $140 million in the red per year. The corruption, graft and just plain mishandling of the whole operation are a joke. Their solution? Privatize it.

The people who created this mess are finally getting it. Will President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi get it before they bankrupt the nation with government-run health care?

Robert Opp


Admitted socialist

To the editor:

In response to Geoff Schumacher’s Friday column on the word “socialism”:

Mr. Schumacher writes, “A genuinely socialist health care reform proposal, the so-called single-payer system” has not been embraced by the Obama administration. But Barack Obama, in his own words, proves Mr. Schumacher wrong.

Mr. Schumacher can hear Mr. Obama himself declare that he wants a “single-payer plan in place by the end of his first term” by doing a Web search and watching his speech at the SEIU Health Care Forum on March 24, 2007.

He can also find a video of Mr. Obama expressing the same sentiment at an AFL-CIO meeting in 2003.

Mr. Schumacher needs to stop telling conservatives what to do — and to stop embarrassing himself by writing untruths.

Betty Beckett


Two wars

To the editor:

We have to be careful about doling out money to regimes with al-Qaida cells in their midst. We can’t be sure that Yemen didn’t invite al-Qaida so as to extract millions from Uncle Sam.

Other regimes in the area might get the hint.

We are fighting two wars in the Middle East that perpetuate the very terrorism we are trying to stop.



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