Let’s toast our blessings

Here’s to all my politically incorrect friends.

Join me, glasses raised, this Thanksgiving weekend in a simple toast to the blessings of this life not yet forbidden by the wing-nuts who know they know better than us, and are willing to silence us to prove it.

So, while it’s still legal to say so, here’s to …

An end to the War on Terror. May we kill them before they kill us.

A president with the eggs to call a war a war, and to do all that it takes to win.

The freedom to fail. Capitalism minus risk equals socialism.

Gas-guzzlin’ pick-up trucks with mud tires and an un-spayed dog named “Blue” ready to jump in the back. “Come on, Blue. Get up here.”

New climate data that disproves the folly of global-warming and lays bare the political agenda of the socialists among us. Thanks for the “two-fer,” Mother Nature!

Bacon, fried crispy in its own juices.

Teachers teaching students to think, not to sing indoctrination songs to the political leader of the day. Hummmm. Hummmm. Hummmm.

Relief from the mindless inclusive-language police. among us. Forgive them, Father/Mother/Creator/G-d, he/she knows not how offensive he/she can be.

Muslims of good will. May they now point out the terrorists in their midst.

Workplaces free from “card check” legislation. May good people everywhere retain the right to determine their fate in fair elections held by secret ballot.

Textbooks that convey information, not push a point of view to make a pressure group feel better.

Guns and the freedom to own them without restriction. May we always have the right to keep ourselves safe in home and person.

A health care “reform” bill that treats American citizens better than illegal aliens.

Osama bin Laden spending another cold, dark night in a cave, eating bugs and looking over his shoulder for drones. Your day of reckoning comes soon, buddy.

Free NFL football games on Thanksgiving Day and an improved Detroit Lions team to make it worth watching.

Cable TV where “John Adams” the miniseries and Larry David, the genius behind “Seinfeld,” can live, work and flourish.

An epiphany to end playing God as a nation and pretending it’s a “reproductive right.” The truth is not above anyone’s pay grade: Let babies live.

The miracle of Israel and the unilateral nuclear disarmament of Iran. By force, if necessary.

And, closer to my Nevada home, let’s give a shout-out for the completion of CityCenter. May it expand the Las Vegas tourism market. Here, here! For Oscar Goodman, the best gin-drinking mayor in the history of Las Vegas.

For kick-ass newspapers and editors like Tom Mitchell who run them, regardless of political bent. May they watch government and stay off the National Public Radio road to hell.

For a merciful end to the public embarrassment that has become Sen. John Ensign.

And finally, for Gov. Jim Gibbons’ veto pen, without which our people in Nevada suffer more.

Protect us from the will of the majority and keep our nation, under God, a haven for unalienable human rights — you know, all that uncomfortable stuff in that Constitution thingy.

Here’s to you, politically incorrect guys and gals. Stubbornly stick to your live-and-let-live, freedom lovin’ ways. Never take my word for it, or the word of any one else. Think for yourself. Light ’em if you got ’em.

And never, never, never give up.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sherman Frederick (sfrederick@reviewjournal.com) is publisher of the Review-Journal and president of Stephens Media.

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