LETTERS: Affordable Care Act not perfect, but it’s a big improvement

To the editor:

In reply to the folks who write in suggesting the Affordable Care Act is illegal, or that the requirements of the law do not apply to senators, I can in fact tell you this: The act has no requirements other than you must have health insurance, and the health insurance must be actual health insurance, not a scam being perpetrated on you, period.

This approach was originally conceived by conservatives and championed by Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as a way to make the deadbeats pay. This is so all those folks who don’t pay for any health insurance, but instead go to the emergency rooms, are forced to pay something. You do not have to buy insurance on the health care exchanges — you can buy it privately, as I do, or any way you want. But you must have it.

As for myself, I received a letter from my insurance company, after the law passed, letting me know that the policy covers preventive care (such as flu shots and colonoscopies), that it can no longer dump me if I get sick, and it can no longer cap the amount it will pay. So if I get cancer, the company actually must provide the insurance I bought.

Do I think this is a perfect plan? No. Is it much better than it was? Yes. For those yelling that their premiums have gone up, I am very lucky that my morality has not been mugged by my wallet. I am willing to pay a little more if it means that everyone gets a basic level of health care. I am part of a society.



Political calculus

To the editor:

There are more than 315 million people in the United States. We’ve been told that 8 million have signed up for Obamacare. Whoopee. That many out of 315 million?

I’ve also read that not all 8 million have successfully signed up and begun receiving benefits; and that some have paid premiums but have no coverage. Also, what has happened to (or has been done for) the 30 million to 40 million uninsured whom we were told were the major reason Obamacare was needed in the first place?

I can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Even took algebra and geometry. But none of the numbers being touted add up to success.



We seek big government

To the editor:

My take on those who support Cliven Bundy and complain about big government: People can take a welfare family into their home, feed them, house them and teach them work ethic, but would rather the government handle that.

Then there are people who demand safe buildings to work in, safe houses to live in, safe transportation, clean water, clean air, safe food supplies, public education and on and on. It is pretty much hypocritical for anyone to complain about overreaching government, when we are demanding so many protections and services. People, look in the mirror. We made the rules by electing, by majority, lawmakers to protect us against all the bad stuff and manage all the other stuff.

Mr. Bundy trying to personally profit by putting as many cows as he darn well pleases on land he does not own — and destroying anything he wants for the sake of his cows — is a bad thing. The 1976 Federal Land Policy and Management Act was written by lawmakers elected to Congress to make the land available to everyone, within reason.



Bundy’s comments

To the editor:

Regarding some of the comments from Cliven Bundy, I would like to cite a quote often attributed to Mark Twain: “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”



Money drives both sides

To the editor:

Regarding Pam Ford’s letter (“Billionaires behind campaign curtain,” Sunday Review-Journal), does she really believe that there are no billionaires funneling untold millions into Democratic coffers? Or is she just naive enough to continue believing Sen. Harry Reid’s tantrums against the Koch brothers, relying on liberal-leaning columnists and media outlets for their biased opinions?

Is Ms. Ford really oblivious to the fact that Sen. Reid’s party — the Democrats — is being funded by the likes of Tom Steyer and George and Jonathan Soros, among myriad uber-wealthy liberals, including deep-pockets Hollywood glitterati?

Hopefully, on the same day her letter was published, Ms. Ford read the eye-opening column by Rich Lowry about Mr. Steyer (“Wealthy liberal donor fuels hate”). Mr. Steyer and Messrs. Soros are complicit in their attempts to keep conservative viewpoints from the public. Ms. Ford needs to awaken to the fact that Sen. Reid, while bashing conservative donors, keeps quiet about Mr. Steyer, George and Jonathan Soros and their ilk, all of whom keep the Democratic coffers well-stocked.



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