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LETTERS: Consumers ultimately pay for tax plan

To the editor:

So, just as I suspected, the state Legislature voted to raise our taxes, giving more money to the same school districts that to date have failed miserably to educate our children, no matter how much money they get (“Assembly OKs big tax plan,” June 1 Review-Journal). The same people who campaigned on a no-new-taxes platform are now trying to hide after voting for just that — new taxes.

They say that the new taxes are only on businesses. Really? And how do these businesses get the money to pay these new taxes? That’s right, from you and me, the consumers. As if we were not already paying enough, now we are going to pay an additional $1.1 billion in new taxes, and for what?

The teachers unions should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen to their fellow citizens, who do all they can to support teachers in educating our children. If teachers unions want more money for classrooms and better pay, why do they put up with the huge bureaucracy that siphons off that money before it can get to the classrooms or the teachers? Oh yeah, the teachers all dream of getting on the administrative gravy train themselves.

Those in government should try different strategies once in a while, instead of always raising taxes and spending more. For instance, why does the Clark County School District remain in its current form? Living in Henderson, I would rather support just the Henderson schools. I know that’s selfish, but why do I have to support the idiotic way that the school district spends its money in Las Vegas? If CCSD wants to continue to waste its money trying to look good to the federal government, then by all means, it should be able to do so. But I do not care to be called upon to support their craziness.

Taxpayers get hit from all sides. The power company fleeces us with higher rates, not even trying to find cheaper ways to produce power so that it can lower our bills. The water authority wastes millions and passes the costs on to us. Local and state governments spend recklessly and raise our taxes to pay for it. Will we ever get a break from this insanity?

I hope people wake up and vote out the whole Legislature in the next election. I can only vote and continue to pray that the level of incompetence and corruption in our government, at all levels, will stop.



Tax plan solves it all, right?

To the editor:

I was overjoyed when I read of state legislators agreeing to a tax increase (“Assembly OKs big tax plan,” June 1 Review-Journal). In conjunction with retaining taxes due to expire and the millions of dollars in economic impact from all of the conventions, that will mean that the education system will be awash in funds to build more schools and create a more educated population, in order to attract more businesses, which will then pay more taxes. ESL students will soon be speaking the Queen’s English, and teachers will finally get paid what they’re worth. That is what it all means, isn’t it?



Overgrown growth

To the editor:

Regarding two stories out of Henderson (“Growing city eyes nearby desert,” May 31 Review-Journal, “Cadence sales off to sluggish start,” June 1 Review-Journal), not to mention all the additional homes being built in Summerlin, additional hotel rooms, etc., just when is the greed going to stop?

Having questioned the motivation of politicians for a long time, I have come to the conclusion that ego is the only factor that drives their decision making. The well-being of constituents in the years to come is the last thing on politicians’ minds.

Growth and more growth — despite the fact that we are running out of water; after all, reclaimed water use is very limited — is the driving factor. Politicians want to stamp their name on a project. Just because I am in my 70s doesn’t mean that I don’t care about the future of this area.



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