LETTERS: Hafen lacking plausible deniability

To the editor:

A headline in the May 4 Review-Journal stated, “Six of Mayor Hafen’s relatives on Henderson’s payroll.” In response, Henderson Mayor Andy Hafen essentially said, “Who me? I had nothing to do with six of my relatives getting fat jobs with the city and making $60,000 to $100,000 salaries!”

Who does the mayor think he’s kidding? His response is evasive and confusing. I had no idea this situation existed. Mayor Hafen shouldn’t be allowed to skate through this.



New owner, same paper

To the editor:

As a resident and property owner in Spring Valley, I have been reading the Review-Journal for almost 20 years. I was hoping that the new owners of the R-J would take a more balanced view of things, but after reading the paper recently, I feel that things will remain the same.

I find the editorial cartoons and characterizations of the president unfunny, unflattering and often downright offensive. It seems that the R-J is turning into a local community paper, hardly worthy of the annual price tag.

The Review-Journal previously had some fun items from The Associated Press, but when I called about them (i.e. top 20 TV shows, top 20 movies), I was told that AP content was too costly and was being dropped. Yet I see so many sections about cars and expensive homes that there is no doubt that the R-J’s content standards have been lowered. I even have to pay extra for the TV guide because your daily guide starts at 7 p.m.



Die with dignity

To the editor:

Every year, hundreds of people in Las Vegas and thousands in the U.S. die of terminal illnesses such as cancer. Many of these people reach a point in their fight to live that they wish they were able to die with dignity — when, where and how they choose. Presently, they have no options except palliative care available through a hospice plan.

Recently, state Sen. David Parks tried to put forth Senate Bill 336, a death-with-dignity bill on which he was the primary sponsor (“‘Death with dignity’ legislation dies,” April 10 Review-Journal). The bill also had five Democratic and two Republican co-sponsors. Sen. Joe Hardy, chairman of the Committee on Health and Human Services, shot down the bill and confirmed he would not schedule a hearing.

I was recently diagnosed with a rare, aggressive, short-term cancer called Merkel cell carcinoma. I am fighting back with surgery and chemotherapy. I am upset that Sen. Hardy has denied me, and probably a great many others in the state, the option of dying with dignity if we so choose.

Sen. Parks said he will try to pass a similar bill in the 2017 legislative session. Hopefully, Sen. Hardy will not have the opportunity to avoid a hearing again.



Crazy good photo

To the editor:

Jeff Scheid had a classic photo of a group of men removing the “Crazy Girls” sculpture from the Riviera, showing the well “hand-polished” rear views (“Riviera bows out after 60 years,” May 5 Review-Journal).

The photo showed the diligent workers carefully lifting the large, top-heavy statue — and a well-placed worker’s hand gaining a good grip to keep it balanced.



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