LETTERS: Hillary no longer looks presidential

To the editor

Another illusion shattered. I have often said, “Hillary Clinton is the only woman I would vote for.” Well, I take that back. I always knew she was very smart, and I thought that if we had Hillary Clinton as president, we’d be getting a 2-for-1, with Bill Clinton by her side. He’d be 70 and settled down by 2016.

Mrs. Clinton never seemed to care about the usual feminine things. Every day was a bad hair day and clothes were not an interest. Remember that dowdy, dark, ill-fitting pant suit she wore when she spoke here earlier this year, when someone threw a shoe at her?

Little did I realize that Mrs. Clinton gets the star treatment and megabucks for each word she utters (“High style, steep fees: That’s how Hillary rolls,” Aug. 17 Review-Journal). The presidential suite — which is always huge and expensive — and all the adjoining rooms for her staff, along with meals and transportation, etc. And $500 a day for a staffer’s incidental expenses. All these expensive demands are usually written into her contract, plus the big money for a short speech.

We don’t need royalty or another rock star for president. Mrs. Clinton had better retire and enjoy the money she and her husband have made giving those very expensive speeches to other very rich Democrats — speeches the peons can’t afford to attend.



Ferguson and voting

To the editor:

Regarding the shooting of Michael Brown: In Ferguson, Mo., the mayor, city council and school board members, and the police force are almost all white. What is wrong with this picture?

Could it be the fact that, although 67 percent of the city’s residents are black, many of those residents do not vote? Control of the city of Ferguson is laying on the ground, just waiting to be picked up.



Brown’s death

To the editor:

As tragic and senseless as the shooting death of Michael Brown was, one cannot dismiss what precipitated this sad event in Ferguson, Mo. We might forgive an 18-year-old shoplifting a can of soda or a candy bar. But taking $40 to $50 worth of a tobacco product, then assaulting the clerk? No way.

Let us call Mr. Brown what he was: a common street thug.



How does it feel?

To the editor:

I’m responding to the letter from Jerry Mosier, who I believe has it all wrong (“Attack everyone?” Aug. 23 Review-Journal). How would Mr. Mosier feel if Hamas sent terrorists to the United States, who then kidnapped and murdered three innocent teenagers? How would he feel about an organization or country that constantly sent rockets into the U.S. and actively called for the destruction of the U.S?

If that were happening to the U.S., I think Mr. Mosier would have a different perspective of the situation. Pay attention to our reaction to ISIS.



Middle East peace

To the editor:

Golda Meir, the former prime minister of Israel, made this statement decades ago: “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

After all these years, this has not happened yet. So sad.



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