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LETTERS: Horsford should research catch phrases

To the editor:

I have some angst about comments made at a mayor’s pancake breakfast in Mesquite on Saturday. (“Horsford targets Bundy’s militia,” Sunday Review-Journal). Rep. Steven Horsford, meeting and greeting constituents in his district, listened to comments from the audience concerning the Cliven Bundy matter in Bunkerville.

Rep. Horsford was so impressed with one girl’s comment that he chose to include it in his address to the Clark County Democratic Party Convention later that evening. The young lady stated, “[Bundy] should just do what everybody else does and pay his share.”

After a few minutes of researching what the phrase “pay his share” actually meant, I discovered that The Heritage Foundation recently did a calculation of the Index of Dependency on Government (a federal program that creates dependency on the government!). To my surprise, I found that nearly 70 percent of the total federal spending, discretionary and nondiscretionary, goes to programs included in the Index of Dependence on Government.

Per the Huffington Post, a liberal medium, nearly half of the people living in this country don’t pay their share. Did you tell the young lady this fact, Rep. Horsford?

Another comment from the Mesquite breakfast that Rep. Horsford chose for his convention speech was made by a man who stated Mr. Bundy is a “welfare rancher.” Rep. Horsford, you and the House of Representatives hold the purse strings of the federal budget. Again, after looking up agricultural/farm subsidies, I discovered that those subsidies presently pay $20 billion annually to farmers and owners of farmland. That isn’t pocket change.

Rather, Mr. Horsford, these facts give rise to the notion that there are many farmers and farmland owners all over the country who are “welfare ranchers.” Did you tell the gentleman in Mesquite this fact? Rep. Horsford, how about responding to your constituents with the whole truth?



Innis unfit

To the editor:

I just read the article, “Teacher faces Innis’ wrath after questions” (Monday’s Review-Journal). How outrageous. Niger Innis hasn’t even been elected, and already he is above scrutiny. Cathie Lynn Gisi had a legitimate question for Mr. Innis, a Republican congressional hopeful, at a debate with his primary opponent, Assemblyman Cresent Hardy.

Because she posed this question on Mr. Innis’ financial issues, she lost her teaching job at the Congress of Racial Equality’s North Las Vegas office. Mr. Innis is a national spokesman for CORE. Obviously, it isn’t only money that controls politics; it is also your supervisor or other controlling entity that dictates your conscience.

Mr. Innis should be removed as a spokesman for CORE. He should not have any other association with CORE. Connie Miranda, director of the North Las Vegas CORE school, does not deserve to be involved in CORE in any capacity, especially after she stated that free speech does not belong to her employees unless she agrees with that speech.

CORE supposedly teaches English, government and constitution classes. Perhaps Ms. Miranda should attend the classes. Welcome to communism, Ms. Miranda. If I was undecided before, I can assure you now that Mr. Innis will not receive my vote.



VA hospital efficiency

To the editor:

I read with disbelief the article about Sandi Niccum’s ordeal at the VA Medical Center (“VA hospital wait not unusual,” May 1 Review-Journal). A billion-dollar facility with only 11 beds for emergency patients, and an additional cost of $16 million to add 14 beds? That’s more than $1 million per bed.

Where is the accountability? Where is the common sense? What was the VA thinking when it OK’d the initial plans for this facility? This is another case of total ineptitude on the part of the VA and total disregard for taxpayer money.

I would suggest that instead of more government or less government, we should be demanding a more efficient government. The country is so far in debt because of inefficiency, fraud, corruption, bridges to nowhere, cost overruns and lack of oversight. Will it never end?



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