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LETTERS: Pare back programs to fund education

To the editor:

How is Gov. Brian Sandoval getting away with such absurd tax proposals? If Rory Reid, his last credible Democratic campaign opponent, had proposed a tax increase similar to the business gross receipts tax peddled by Gov. Sandoval, he would have been laughed out of Carson City. It’s been just a few months since the electorate roundly rejected a gross receipts tax in Question 3 — the margins tax.

We could eliminate the need for the dollars that this gross receipts tax would bring in by simply eliminating the pre-kindergarten, all-day kindergarten and English Language Learner programs in Nevada school districts. Does anyone honestly believe that these programs will improve high school graduation rates? This is nothing more than unionized daycare.

While we’re at it, let’s toss out the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack programs for schoolkids. We already have programs to take care of these needs. There are many more places to make significant cuts to wasteful state government. However, it appears that Mr. Sandoval is too lazy or fearful to do it. It’s much easier to reach into the pockets of beleaguered businesses.



Yucca Mountain

To the editor:

Rep. Cresent Hardy’s commentary on reopening discussions on Yucca Mountain is an example of the reprehensible greed of many Nevadans (“Could Nevadans ever allow nuclear dump,” March 22 Review-Journal). Rep. Hardy would consider storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, thereby selling our souls and safety, just to have the rest of the country pay for improved education in Nevada, and for Nevada to get a larger share of Colorado River water.

Mr. Hardy and others will do anything to avoid paying taxes. It is time for Nevadans to step up to the responsibility of paying the cost of making Nevada a great state.



Politicians protect PERS

To the editor:

The editorial on the legislation to make all Nevada Public Employees Retirement System records confidential is a wake-up call to all honest, hard-working taxpayers (“Keep pension records open,” March 20 Review-Journal). Apparently, with all the problems facing the citizens of Nevada, Assembly Democrats are concerned about the public having knowledge of public-sector workers’ pensions.

Is this bill really worthy of consideration when the taxpayers are faced with a continual stream of tax increases due to the inefficiency, fraud and waste in public agencies such as the school districts, police and fire departments? Public-sector workers and their unions are bankrupting city after city in America, and the politicians do nothing except put a hood over the heads of the taxpayers to keep them in the dark.



Uber in Nevada

To the editor:

I’ve used Uber in many major cities. The cars are immaculate, cold bottles of water are offered and phone chargers are available. Cash is not exchanged. Prices are fair. The wait time is under five minutes in most cases.

The experience of trying to get a cab in Las Vegas is horrible. I live on the west side; trying to get a cab to come to my house is ridiculous. I can’t count the times that I was told a cab was on its way and never arrived. Cabs are usually dirty and smell of smoke, and drivers are rude if they speak to you at all.

Then the final insult is when the driver says cash only, even though a credit card machine is right there. Do I think Uber is needed in Nevada? Of course I do.



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