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LETTERS: Recreational hunters, trappers not good stewards

To the editor:

The letter submitted by Les Smith reads like an advertisement promoting a pro-hunting lobby group (“Hunters, trappers key to management,” July 6 Review-Journal). Mr. Smith suggests hunting and trapping organizations do more for wildlife management than any other group. The only benefit is the fees, licenses, tags and permits paid to “manage wildlife.”

Recreational hunters and trappers historically have not been good stewards, decimating huge numbers of wildlife globally. Teaching children to hunt as a form of recreation and pleasure encourages using violence as means of activity and disrespect for life. We were given guns as children. Our father taught us to be expert shooters and showed great pleasure his four sons killed many critters on the land near our home. Years later, we all feel shame and sorrow for that activity we were instructed and encouraged to take part in.

Regarding Mr. Smith’s criticism of the 95 percent of the population who couldn’t care less about hunting, maybe it’s because they have no intention of participating in recreational killing.



Growth and water

To the editor:

The Review-Journal’s July 8 editorial, “Population push,” really seems to talk up growth for the Las Vegas area. With the county’s overall growth rate of 1.5 percent between July 2012 and July 2013, that amounts to about 25,000 more water-using people per year. Will someone please tell Lake Mead?



Hobby Lobby ruling

To the editor:

Regarding Hobby Lobby winning its case in the U.S. Supreme Court, I say good for Hobby Lobby. I respect that those who own the company practice what they preach: they’re not open on Sunday; they play Christian music in the store; and they will pay for birth control but not abortifacients.

Many large companies will not give you enough hours or will lay you off after 90 days to avoid giving benefits at all. It’s nice to see a company, or anyone for that matter, nowadays not sell out for the almighty dollar or fame and jump on the hate train in the guise of fighting for human rights.

No one is forcing anyone to work Hobby Lobby. If you think the company’s policy is irresponsible, why force that company to pay for your irresponsibility in not taking care of your own birth control with a preventative measure? Talk about an entitlement mentality.

Hobby Lobby is a Christian company, and as such, its owners would be hypocritical to not honor the Sixth Commandment: Thou shalt not kill.



Immigration solution

To the editor:

For anyone following the recent events on our southern border and the federal government’s seeming inability and unwillingness to do anything about it, I have a solution for stemming the tide of children illegally crossing into the United States.

The government has apparently decided to welcome all of these children to our country and assume responsibility for them. That also means feeding them. I propose that all of these children be fed the same meals Michelle Obama is currently proposing to feed children in our public schools.

If the response is anything like the school program has received (“First lady’s school lunch plan lacking,” June 4 Review-Journal), after a week or so of this diet, most of these kids will turn around and head back home, where at least they might be able to eat.



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