LETTERS: Rogers’ UNLV rant hardly high-minded

To the editor:

Regarding UNLV naming Don Snyder, a University of Wyoming graduate, as its acting president, it was most amusing to read the quote attributed to Jim Rogers impugning the academic reputation of Wyoming, a venerable land-grant institution (“Rogers tees off on regents,” Jan. 28 Sherman Frederick blog, Apparently, wealth is not enough to prevent one from resorting to the sort of name-calling more typically associated with the junior high school crowd.

While I won’t stoop to Mr. Rogers’ level (at least not totally), I will point out that unlike the former junior college that is now UNLV, the University of Wyoming has been around since 1886. A comparison of the physical campuses of commuter school UNLV versus the residential setting students at Wyoming enjoy, as well as the contrast between the woeful underfunding the state of Nevada provides UNLV and the support the state of Wyoming lavishes on its university, ensures that Wyoming can attract a faculty with impeccable credentials. So not to worry, Mr. Rogers, I think you’ll find Mr. Snyder’s B.A. from Wyoming will represent no impediment to his new job as president of UNLV.

Mr. Rogers, I’m very sorry your immense wealth was insufficient for you to anoint your own choice as acting president of UNLV. I trust your ignorant statement was just made in the heat of the moment and doesn’t reflect a condition quite common among the uber-rich: the notion that your money has elevated you to the status of royalty.



Fired up

To the editor:

Why does it take four firemen and a fire truck to go grocery shopping at Smith’s? I am specifically talking about Fire Station 57. Several times I have been in the store when the firemen are there, and I can’t believe it takes all these people to do grocery shopping for their lunch and dinner.

A few weeks ago, I saw two trucks and eight men shopping for food. I have also seen their cart, and believe me, they are eating better than most people. Yes, they have the right to shop, but I am truly insulted that this is the way they spend their time while North Las Vegas taxpayers are footing their salaries. I think they could be a little more low-key in their shopping habits.



Veterans home

To the editor:

What a sad state of affairs that a great and kind man, Dr. Robert E. Robinson, should have suffered in his final days at the Nevada State Veterans Home in Boulder City (“Titus seeks investigation into treatment at hospital,” Jan. 24 Review-Journal). Dr. Robinson was a World War II veteran and a devoted citizen of the early Las Vegas.

It is very disturbing that something like this happened to a man of one of the greatest generations. Few of that crew are still with us, and one of the few is now gone due to the negligence of those who are supposed to care for these veterans.



Separate lives

To the editor:

Letter writer David Adams seems to be unaware that the baby growing inside of a mother is not part of the mother’s body (“Abortion debate,” Jan. 25 Review-Journal). The child has different DNA.

I agree with feminist Susan B. Anthony that abortion is “the horrible crime of child murder.” Since the Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade in 1973, we’ve killed more than 55 million pre-born children in America. That’s 20 million more than the entire population of Canada. Enough is enough.



Pot bust

To the editor:

The media have been very excited about this latest pot bust involving several grow houses (“Police raid grow houses, seize $5.6 million in marijuana” Jan. 29 Review-Journal). It would be interesting to compare how much time, money and resources were used for this bust with the amount of profit Colorado has earned from the sale of pot during that same period of time.

What happens to the confiscated pot? That is a lot of street value. Why not sell it to Colorado, which appears to be running low? The profit could reimburse the Metropolitan Police Department for its expenses and be used for the criminals’ public defenders.



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