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LETTERS: Snowden shines light on privacy issue

To the editor:

Americans — ordinary citizens, as well as the media and our politicians — are sharply and passionately divided in their belief as to whether Edward Snowden is a traitor or hero. In actuality, he is a traitor to the government and hero of the people.

Most of us stand together in our concern over the privacy issues of domestic drones, wholesale wiretapping, surveillance cameras everywhere and God knows what else that exists now and will exist in the future. With such addictive, self-serving power in the hands of our government, I tremble to think what the United States will become if this trend is not reversed.

If there were ever an issue that could end the convulsion of pathological partisanship, then privacy is that issue.



Mixed signals

To the editor:

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the front page of the Review-Journal’s Business section in Saturday’s paper

One headline read, “Las Vegas economy brighter,” above Jennifer Robison’s article. Just below that story was a headline that read, “Casinos rack up fifth loss in a row,” with a Howard Stutz article.

Do these two reporters know each other or even talk to each other?



Been there, done that

To the editor:

In response to Larry Elder’s commentary (“Turn to GOP to see creation of jobs,” Jan. 12 Review-Journal), I think we have already tried that from 2001 to 2009 with President George W. Bush.

How did that work for us? How many jobs were lost during his administration?



Dear R-J: Ditch conservatives

To the editor:

I sincerely hope that the story about the Review-Journal’s new executives is a vast improvement over the likes of right-wing crazies such as Tom Mitchell and Sherman Frederick (“R-J, parent get new executives,” Jan. 7). Your editorial page remains an intellectual disgrace, so let’s hope the Review-Journal’s new hires realize that.

But I have my doubts, as all four appear to be a continuum of old, white, Republican men.



Dear R-J: Ditch liberals

To the editor:

It is way past time for the Review-Journal to discontinue printing Steve Sebelius’ liberal columns. The Review-Journal already features more than enough liberal columns by other authors. Send Mr. Sebelius over to the Las Vegas Sun, where he will have plenty of liberal company and would likely feel more at home.

Let us see more columns by conservatives such as Glenn Cook, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell and others. What they have to say makes more sense than anything I’ve read from a liberal in a number of years.



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