LETTERS: Taxpayers pick up tab for Obamacare’s perverted work disincentive

To the editor:

I just finished reading another article on Obamacare’s shortcomings, and it made me angry (“Some welcoming freedom to quit under health law,” Monday Review-Journal). In the article, Polly Lower notes she’s been able to quit a job she didn’t like because, under Obamacare, the government will force someone else to pay for her health insurance and newfound freedom.

Ms. Lower said there is no way to quantify the peace of mind she feels, now that she isn’t tethered to a job she hates. My father passed away more than five years ago. He worked a job he hated for over 35 years, because he understood it was his responsibility to provide for his family. I worked a job I hated for the same reason. It’s called being a grownup.

People such as Ms. Lower fail to realize that millions of people show up at a job they hate because they, unlike the Polly Lowers of this world, haven’t deleted the word “shame” from their vocabulary.

Some might call such workers saps, but I take my hat off to every one of them. They are the people who have made this country great.



Great theatrics

To the editor:

I would like to give some much-deserved praise to Green Valley High School and its performing arts department. My wife and I went with some neighbors to see the world high school premiere of the Disney musical “Mary Poppins.” We were blown away by the caliber of this performance.

The high school performers and younger performers were all flawless. The singing, the sets and the choreography were all astounding. The special effects were at a level that made it hard for us to believe it was a high school production.

It must have taken an enormous amount of work to prepare for and organize a production resulting in such a stellar evening.

Everyone connected with this undertaking needs to be highly commended. Since seeing “Mary Poppins,” I have now read that the show is going to be performed at the Smith Center in May, in hopes of qualifying for the International Thespian Festival this June in Nebraska. We should all hope that this group goes all the way with this and wins the top prize.



Leash laws

To the editor:

The state of animal control by owners through proper adherence to city leash laws is appalling and must be confronted. Leash laws are in place in order to ensure the safety of the public, but too many people — including law enforcement — completely ignore these laws.

I am a dog owner and like to take my dog out for walks and to the local parks, but it is becoming increasingly unsafe for me to do so. As I walk around the park, I see more and more dogs running all over the place with no leashes on, and many owners not even monitoring what the dog is doing. The dogs go up to other people, and the owners still do nothing to make sure that their dogs aren’t going to hurt anyone.

Many owners will say that their dog is sweet and never has attacked someone or never would harm someone — until it does. That is why it is the law to leash a dog. If you want your dog to be able to run free, there are many public parks with specifically designated areas for doing just that.

Law enforcement is doing a very poor job of enforcing leash laws and protecting the public. I was visiting a nearby park and saw multiple people, with dogs unleashed, walk in front of a police officer in a patrol car. The police officer never said anything to the owners, and the owners didn’t seem to care that the police officer could see them. If police officers are unwilling to enforce the laws, why should the people care about following the laws?

There is no shortage of news stories about people being attacked by dogs. Dogs can be deadly animals, and everyone must do their part to ensure no one gets attacked by an uncontrolled animal. Do not let your dog be the next one to attack someone out of the blue and have to be put down. Protect your dog and the public by leashing and monitoring your animals properly.



Affordable Care Act

To the editor:

Curklin Jackson’s letter stated that unemployment is high due to the Affordable Care Act (“Bilbray criticizes, doesn’t offer solutions,” Feb. 3 Review-Journal). But the Affordable Care Act is providing insurance to people who were never able to afford it before. Plus, young people can stay on their parents’ insurance until they are 26, people with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage, and there is no cap if you end up with a serious illness.

What I would like to hear from ACA opponents is what their solution would be for uninsured people. Would you rather they continue to end up at University Medical Center when they get sick and have the taxpayers pick up the tab, or have some insurance help pay the cost , even if it’s subsidized?

The unemployment numbers would be much lower if Congress had passed President Barack Obama’s jobs bill last year. That would have meant 1.3 million people would probably be getting a paycheck and not hoping instead for Congress to extend unemployment compensation.

The president is out every day talking about ways to improve this economy and move this country forward. I wish Mr. Jackson could find a way to join him in that effort.



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