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A witch hunt against a popular small business

To the editor:

My husband and I are outraged at the wanton abuse of power shown by the Clark County Commission, the Gaming Control Board and Station Casinos in their efforts to shut down Dotty’s.

Dotty’s is one of the most successful small businesses in Las Vegas. It caters to people who do not want to go to a bar and be exposed to loud music, loud conversation, drunks, sports games, etc. It has a homey, friendly, quiet atmosphere that fills a need that bars and casinos do not offer.

Plus Dotty’s gives back to its customers in the form of rewards which keeps the customers coming back week after week.

Over the years as Dotty’s grew, it purchased many unsuccessful taverns and converted them into their “grandma friendly” business models — and their business thrived where the tavern models failed. Some examples of properties Dotty’s took over are the Road Runner on West Sahara, PT’s at Vegas and Rancho, Danny’s Slot Country at Desert Inn and Boulder Highway, Doc Holliday’s at Eastern and Flamingo, and Jersee’s at Sahara and Decatur to name a few.

Isn’t it a travesty, when the Nevada economy is one of the worst in the country, that these officials seek to destroy a business which employs hundreds of people, not to mention the business that will be lost by their vendors. Do these officials want to see Dotty’s go the way of the car dealers, restaurants and other small businesses that have failed in this recession, so that we may see more vacant, unleased commercial property lining our streets?

And what about Dotty’s employees? Dotty’s is an example of a successful small business. The type we need more of to get the economy going again.

Small business is the backbone of America.

We want to send a message to the County Commissioners who voted against Dotty’s. When you run for public office, don’t count on our vote. And as for Station Casinos, we will never set foot in one again. As for the Gaming Control Board officials who voted against Dotty’s, you are just plain corrupt and a real black eye for the state of Nevada.

This has been a witch hunt. Where is the justice?




To the editor:

I’m so disappointed in the Nevada Gaming Commission’s decision on Dotty’s. I am not a gambler, but have visited Dotty’s in our neighborhood just to see what it was all about. It appeared to be a completely benign, female-friendly establishment.

While its present business parameters, in some people’s view, may not strictly comply with current regulations, they were granted an operating license which allowed them extensive growth (a much needed scenario in Las Vegas). Apparently, that growth felt threatening to Station Casinos, and hence the ensuing brouhaha.

But wait, isn’t competition supposed to be the cornerstone of capitalism? Apparently not when it threatens the existing powers that be. Station Casino’s reaction to competition is not only repellent, it exhibits a remarkable lack of creative thinking. Instead of attempting to eradicate their competition, perhaps they should attempt to emulate it.

Perhaps the commission should at least consider the possibility that female tavern preferences, in style, atmosphere and substance are actually different from males. Any other ladies out there with a funny feeling in their tummy that the commission, if not outright female-unfriendly, has exhibited an appalling lack of empathy with and understanding of the gentler gender?



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