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All drivers should pay their fair share

A recent edition of the “CBS Evening News” featured a segment on California’s gas tax revenue shortfall. Recently, a Review-Journal editorial commented on a similar problem in Nevada and the Clark County Commission’s proposed solution of higher gasoline taxes.

It seems, however, that local, state and federal governments have failed to address an ever-growing problem: There are more alternative-fuel vehicles (electric, hybrids, propane) using the roads, but their drivers are paying little or no gas taxes. While politicians often use the undefined term “paying one’s fair share,” that term certainly fits here.

I hope the Review-Journal continues to highlight this problem so our politicians at various levels of government can find equitable solutions.

Phillip Mlynek

Las Vegas

Above the law

On July 5, 2016, the American system of law and justice died. It was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that indeed there exists two tiers of law. There is the law for the politically connected elites and then one for the rest of us.

There was a time when even the president was not above the law — remember Richard Nixon. That is not true anymore.

While we’ve always had the Fifth Amendment to prevent self incrimination — which was widely used during the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton — we now have the Clinton Clause to get out of jail free. FBI director James Comey has shown that feigned ignorance of the law is now an excuse to break it. He also showed that the failure to turn over evidence is not obstruction of justice in spite of signed documents which state that, indeed, all documents were turned over.

Mr. Comey demonstrated that Hillary Clinton lied to the American people. Repeatedly. I have been privileged to watch what appears to be entitled characters flaunt their seeming immunity in the faces of the voting public. Is that the government we want to hand our children?

Mrs. Clinton has a burdensome problem. She must prove to the country that she is telling the truth in all she says. She must prove that her promises are not lies yet again. She must do that now — unless she trusts us to elect a person who just might be lying to us again.

Darrell Welch

North Las Vegas

In-kind contribution

Thank you for the free Trump ad generously provided by Review-Journal reporter Ana Ley in her Saturday story, “CSN scholarship targets immigrants.” Those of us whose parents and grandparents struggled through the long and tedious process of becoming legal U.S. citizens are not impressed by Brenda Romero’s “struggle in the shadows” due to her illegal status.

Frank Armenta Sr.

Las Vegas

By the numbers

In his Sunday letter to the editor (“Gun free?”), Donald Silverman presents the following statistics: Of the 38 mass-shooting incidents that occurred in public places between 2009 and mid 2015, at least 21 took place in areas where concealed carry was permitted, while only 17 shootings took place in “gun-free” zones.

From these data, Mr. Silverman appears to conclude that he would be much less at risk in one of those gun-free public spaces. He might have been right, if it weren’t for those damn lies and statistics.

What Mr. Silverman failed to comprehend is that those “gun-free zones” probably represent less than 1 percent of all public space in this nation. Therefore, using the statistics cited in his letter and a 1 percent estimate for the “gun-free zone” make-up of public spaces, one could conclude that the risk of being involved in a mass-shooting in a “gun-free zone” is about 80 times greater than it is in a concealed-carry public space.

Ah, if only there was a way to save this nation from an ever-growing population of low-information and gullible voters.

Ellis Glatt

Las Vegas

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