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Eminent domain will lead to litigation

To the editor:

I was transferred here by my employer last summer and was planning on buying a home in North Las Vegas soon. Now that the city’s management seems bent on self-destruction through the eminent domain scam (“NLV tries unusual lifeline,” Thursday Review-Journal), I’m afraid to buy in North Las Vegas.

Surely the future litigation will lead to bankruptcy of our city. I would like to know where I could sign a recall petition for the City Council.



Defending the innocent

To the editor:

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” I have always loved this quote by Edmund Burke, made at the time of the American Revolution. It applied then, and it applies today.

Recently, I incurred the wrath of the media for speaking out at an event with political commentator/comedian Bill Maher. While I was in the back of the room, Mr. Maher made a joke referring to Sarah Palin’s 5-year-old special needs son by using the “r” word. Never is that appropriate to use to describe anybody, certainly not a child with special needs.

I have a special needs son, yet my motives have been questioned.

In the June 16 Review-Journal, comparisons were made between me and the mass murderer who killed four people in Santa Monica (Mike Weatherford column). I know firsthand how brutal the media can be, but still, this comparison was a bit shocking. Meanwhile, the same media going after me have little or no interest in questioning Mr. Maher over his hurtful words.

For those familiar with my work in the Las Vegas media, my response should have come as no surprise. I’ve spoken out in the past and have paid the price. When a UNLV athletic director used racist and sexist terms to describe athletes, I broke that story, and the rest of the local media followed. I have never been one to sit on the sidelines and watch injustice.

Besides my personal interest in special needs issues, I am serving at the request of Gov. Brian Sandoval on the Nevada Governors Council on Developmental Disabilities and have also worked on many boards at Opportunity Village. This is a passion of mine.

For any community, I believe the greatest work we can do is to help those who need it most, whether it’s to spend time directly serving those with special needs, donating cash to the cause or speaking up in their defense. Las Vegas is a great city with many people who understand that.

For the record, I would stand up anytime, to anybody, anywhere, if they chose to disparage those in our community without a voice. I’m glad to have brought attention to this issue.



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