Enough of these rich, moronic celebrities

To the editor:

I don’t feel I’m the only one who is sick and tired of seeing these rich, moronic celebrities with their sorrowful stories and pictures on the front pages of the newspapers. Namely, Lindsay Lohan and, most recently, Paris Hilton and her boyfriend (Sunday Review-Journal).

These people got only what they deserved, and it doesn’t need to be notarized. We have real problems in this country with families who are losing their homes daily and children with not enough food to eat. Let me read how with all their wealth, these celebrities are helping in some way — otherwise, I don’t care to read about or see these stories about their poor, pathetic drinking and drug arrests.

They belong only on the back pages for those who are interested in this waste of so-called news to read.

I know there are many celebrities who are very generous and help so many who are in need. Our country is in such bad economic condition at this time. It would be newsworthy to put on the front pages stories of how they share their good fortune with others making this country what it is all about — the fortunate helping the less fortunate.



Under the gun

To the editor:

Regarding your recent article, "NRA refuses to endorse Reid or Angle in U.S. Senate race":

If the NRA is not endorsing Sen. Harry Reid, why does the article also say that Brandon Hall from the Reid campaign acknowledged Wayne LaPierre’s praise and a $4,950 contribution from the NRA? This acceptance makes it appear that the NRA really is endorsing Sen. Reid.

An NRA endorsement of Sen. Reid, either verbally or monetarily, would be baffling, given the organization’s self-determined stake in the future sovereignty of this country. It is equally disappointing — considering the NRA’s "ardent" stance in defense of the Second Amendment — that the group would disregard Sharron Angle.

Shame on the NRA for its lack of focus on this constitutional candidate when the very future of our country is at stake in November. I hope they will soon reconsider their position — or lack of position — soon. The future of our country depends on the dedicated support for the preservation of liberty and freedom, as we currently know it.

Mike Hazard

Las Vegas

Tin foil hat

To the editor:

Despite the recent efforts of her handlers to "soften" her image in advance of November’s general election, GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle’s recent comments that there are "domestic enemies of the United States serving in Congress" demonstrate exactly how out of touch she is with most Nevadans.

While these incendiary comments may play with the tin foil hat crowd, they do nothing to allay concerns of average Nevadans that she is, however her handlers try to re-package her, far too extreme to represent this state in the Senate.

Whatever Sen. Harry Reid’s foibles, no one can seriously question his commitment to the state or his role in ensuring that Nevadans are heard and represented in Washington.

If the goal is to antagonize through partisanship, Ms. Angle is your candidate. If the goal is a better Nevada, Harry Reid is your only possible vote.

Crane Pomerantz

Las Vegas

Feels safe

To the editor:

I take some exceptions to the Sunday "Keep us safe" letter by Richard Fulton. He states Erik Scott was essentially murdered at Costco and that he "was hardly a desperado."

While there seem to be conflicting statements as to what happened, let’s look at the situation from the police viewpoint. All they know is what is reported — a man is acting abnormally and has a gun. Hindsight is wonderful, but at the time, they do not know Mr. Scott has a concealed weapons permit, is a West Point graduate and is a successful salesman. He could have been anything — crazy, a fugitive, a murderer on the loose.

I do not feel threatened by the police. I feel safe.

Phillip Mlynek

Las Vegas

Pot and kettle

To the editor:

What’s the big deal about Roger Clemens lying to Congress? They lie to us all the time.

Robert Raider


Two stories

To the editor:

It was with considerable interest that I read The Associated Press article in Sunday’s paper on the Glenn Beck rally in Washington, D.C.

The lead of the story noted that Sarah Palin appealed to a vast, "predominantly white crowd." Further on, it stated that Mr. Beck put a heavy religious cast on his remarks.

Then, in the middle of the article, it talked about the Rev. Al Sharpton holding a counter-rally at a high school. Nowhere was there a mention about the race of that crowd. Nor did it mention anything being religious about the Rev. Al Sharpton’s counter-march.

Is this the best we can expect from The Associated Press?

Forrest A. Henry

Las Vegas


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