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Going green sends power bills ever higher

To the editor:

Saturday’s letter to the editor by Carol Rose was welcome but depressing. It signifies that although our citizens are finally taking note of the constant incremental increases in the cost of our electricity, many just don’t appreciate who are responsible for this.

Ms. Rose makes several very good points, but then says she hopes "our representatives will check into this." She is hoping that the very representatives who are responsible for making electricity unaffordable for most of us will "check into this."

The Democratic Party politicians, pandering to their wealthy and influential special interest "green" lobby, have the exclusive ownership of an agenda to limit our use of plentiful carbon-based energy by making it unaffordable. From our president to our Democrats in Congress and our state Legislature, there has been a militant program to stop our use of cheap, abundant clean coal, natural gas and oil.

Our Legislature passed legislation a few sessions back to mandate that NV Energy purchase more and more prohibitively expensive energy from "renewable" sources. Then our representatives raped our public treasuries to finance the production of totally inefficient wind and solar energy by subsidizing politically connected companies such as Solyndra. The Democrats on our Clark County Commission just gave away many millions of dollars worth of taxpayer property to a Chinese "green" enterprise championed by top Democrat Harry Reid.

Want to keep your air conditioning and electricity? Just vote against Democrats until they stop this insanity. It’s the only thing that matters to these radical zealots.

Bring them some well-deserved heat!

John Tobin

Las Vegas

Right to unionize?

To the editor:

After reading Tom Gillespie’s Tuesday letter to the editor delineating a "right" for the employees of a company to organize, I immediately scanned my copy of the Constitution to read the clause granting such a right. Lo and behold, nowhere in the Constitution and the attached amendments could I find such a "right" identified. The closest constitutional clause supporting Mr. Gillespie’s assertion is the First Amendment’s right of the people to peacefully assemble.

As Thomas Jefferson himself explained, the right of the people to peaceably assemble is meant to be interpreted as the right of the people to freely gather, and associate, with other like-minded citizens without requiring any government intervention or approval. Of course, the reverse of this right is also true, meaning that the government cannot force citizens of dissimilar minds to gather or associate. Therefore, contrary to Mr. Gillespie’s assertion, just as citizens can form a union, companies, obviously owned by other citizens, cannot be forced to associate with said union.

Now, I know this may shock those who depend on the heavy hand of government to enforce clearly unconstitutional associations, but it is nevertheless true. All one need do to confirm this analysis is to read the 10th Amendment to see that neither the federal nor the state governments can alter a right granted in the Constitution.

Mark Morris

Las Vegas

Try pamphlets

To the editor:

In his Tuesday letter to the editor, Tom Gillespie says it’s unfair that union organizers must try to reach targeted employees off-premises and during off- work hours to explain the benefits of union representation.

I have a solution. Eliminate the need for all National Labor Relations Board "stooges" by putting pamphlets here in Las Vegas with the names of the unions, their addresses and their phone numbers in a rented box, much like those on public sidewalks used to promote auto trading and sexy women.

A 24-7 presence. No human involvement. All unions welcome persons to come see them in a comfortable environment to discuss the various benefits. No "stooges." No problems!

Norris Inman

Las Vegas

Tax the rich

To the editor:

As a 96-year-old citizen, I cannot understand how President Obama and our illustrious Sen. Harry Reid could have agreed to a bill that will hasten the demise of Social Security and Medicare.

The passage of the extension of the reduced payroll withholding will diminish Social Security over time until payments are so small that senior citizens will starve to death.

If President Obama wanted a level playing field, he should have insisted on an increase in taxes for the wealthy, who are enriching themselves on the backs of the middle class and the working poor.

Morris Katz


Trigger happy

To the editor:

The Las Vegas police officer involved in the latest use of deadly force, the killing of Stanley Gibson, should stand trial in front of a jury of his peers. Do these trigger-happy officers feel that they have no duty to determine the nature of the threat, if any, prior to pulling the trigger?

Some of our brave soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have been charged and tried for murder for violating the rules of engagement while defending themselves against an opponent or opponents who demonstrated a clear physical threat to the soldiers involved. Dr. Conrad Murray is serving four years for his negligent actions that resulted in the death of Michael Jackson.

None of our soldiers, nor Dr. Murray, had the benefit of a coroner’s inquest to determine the appropriateness of their actions. Neither should police officers. Put them on trial.

I feel that the vast majority of our police officers are not trigger happy. These hard-working and decent police officers should publicly speak out against the trigger happy ones in an effort to eliminate them from the police force.

Galen Deckert

Las Vegas

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