Group was looking to disrupt the parade

We want to set the record straight about the 2016 Las Vegas Veterans Day parade and respond to charges leveled by Don Kimball in his Nov. 19 letter.

The Veterans Action Group is a private, nonprofit organization that organizes the Veterans Day Parade to honor veterans and those currently serving in a military capacity. We also recognize those members of the community who have assisted us in holding this annual act of gratitude.

It is our policy to not allow any political or campaign slogans in the parade. The protesters misrepresented themselves to our parade organizers. When it was their turn to enter the parade queue, they displayed placards with political messages, including messages that were deemed to be anti-veteran. When they were asked to put down their political signs they attempted to push their way past parade monitors and law enforcement authorities. Included among this group are folks who recently protested at Creech Air Force Base resulting in more than a dozen arrests.

These parade protesters were not assaulted. When they tried to physically push themselves past law enforcement authorities they were handcuffed and detained.

Included in the annual parade are representatives of the Democratic and Republican parties. These organizations march in support of veterans and do not use any political slogans.

Shame on those protesters for attempting to use the second largest Veterans Day parade in the country for their own political purposes and then to twist the facts and whine about not being allowed to disrupt the parade.

We are proud that the Las Vegas community turns out in such great numbers and we thank all of those who contribute in making the annual Las Vegas Veterans Day parade a great success.

Alan Stock

Bill Stojack

Las Vegas

Mr. Stock is with the Veterans Action Group and was emcee of the parade. Mr. Stojack is president of the Veterans Action Group.

Student protests

It is sad to see all these young people, especially those in high school, protesting the outcome of the presidential election. Half of them probably couldn’t logically explain why and what they are protesting. Most are just following the leader or upset because their parents’ choice didn’t win.

These kids need to take a good look into a mirror and see that they are part of the problem not the solution. Look at it this way: We who are not protesting gave your president — as well as Hillary Clinton — eight years to put the country in the toilet. You should give our president at least four years to make it better.

Many of these high-schoolers will then be of voting age and can then take their love or hate to the ballot box.

Joe Schaerer

Las Vegas

Voter fraud

Wayne Allyn Root’s Sunday column, “Here’s why Nevada went blue,” hit the mark. It is worth questioning why Nevada went against the national tide in this election. I believe his thoughts on potential voter fraud were most relevant — certainly for future elections, as well.

Requiring a valid photo ID is surely a reasonable idea. In fact, it is so logical one wonders why liberals fight strenuously against it. Do you suppose it’s possible that Hillary Clinton received a few votes here in Nevada — and nationally — to which she was not entitled?

It would be naive to think otherwise.

Beverly King

Las Vegas

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