Heller shows colors on food stamp vote

To the editor:

Sen. Dean Heller claims to be a fiscal conservative. He advocates “no budget, no pay” for Congress.

But he couldn’t support $2 billion in cuts in the $77 billion food stamp program. I think Sen. Heller is not a fiscal conservative. Rather, he’s a political panderer.

Richard Lynch

Las Vegas

Brown skin

To the editor:

The fact that people are OK with a law that allows racial profiling, like Arizona’s SB1070, is disturbing. I understand the need to address illegal immigration, but to allow cops to pull someone over on suspicion of being undocumented is teetering on a fine line.

I, for one, have “suspiciously brown skin” and I am not OK with being questioned because of my appearance. It is not acceptable for me, my family, my friends or neighbors.

Let’s not forget that laws such as these are feeding a phobia that can transcend into a fear and hatred of all Hispanics regardless of their immigration status.

I was born here, studied here, work here and pay taxes here – and I am no less American than a Smith, Brown or Johnson. I’d like to be treated equally.

Michelle Alejandra

Las Vegas

Feel like Americans

To the editor:

In his recent immigration reform statement, President Obama stated that “they feel like Americans.” This leaves me with a question: Since these children were forced across the border and attended U.S. schools, why do so many vigorously celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday?

I don’t observe American students of French ancestry celebrating Bastille Day – or any people from different ethnic backgrounds celebrating similar holidays. These Cinco-de-Mayo celebrants should put as much effort into celebrating the Fourth of July in the United States. Do they truly feel like Americans? Actions speak louder than words.

I would accept this DREAM Act concept under one condition. Since these young adults can work and support themselves, their parents should return to their country of origin. After their children have fulfilled the requirements established by Mr. Obama, the children can file legal papers to bring them back and create a pathway for them to become legal U.S. citizens – after they learn English, U.S. history and American civics.

No adult over 30 should be given a pass for breaking the law.



Biker rights

To the editor:

Should people who commit serious crimes share the same constitutional protections as the rest of us? Members of motorcycle gangs are often involved in crimes such as assault, drugs, etc. It’s no wonder these cops are harassing them (“Bikers claim civil rights abuses,” Wednesday Review-Journal).

I am not saying that what the police do is right. And yes, the police should set a good example. But if members of these motorcycle groups could prove themselves to be law-abiding citizens, maybe the police would not harass them.

Then our rights would be happily be shared all around.

Birttany Salazar

North Las Vegas

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