Henderson officials always helpful, available

To the editor:

I’ve read with interest over the past several weeks the Review-Journal’s editorial comments regarding the city of Henderson. I’d like to relate to you the experience of my partners and myself with Mayor Andy Hafen, Councilman John Marz, Councilman Sam Bateman, Councilwoman Gerri Schroder, Councilwoman Debra March and the city of Henderson staff.

Mayor Hafen has met with us over the past several months, as has each of the council members. My partners and I have invested well over $1 million in a project in the city of Henderson. We believe that we couldn’t have received more assistance from Mayor Hafen and the council members than what was extended to us in opening our new venture.

The mayor did everything that he could to assist us in opening our business and putting approximately 40 people to work. The council members were equally attentive, helpful, polite and considerate. There were specific issues with certain regulations, and specifically the city attorney, Josh Reid, Planning Manager Michael Tassi and the Community Development Department went out of their way to assist us.

We’re opening our venue this week and we’re thrilled to be located in the city of Henderson. There’s no way to thank Mayor Hafen, the council members and the staff for their assistance.



Police consolidation

To the editor:

Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie is again whining for more funding. The sheriff should eliminate the wasteful programs and procedures of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, such as the wasted dollars and time on the flawed, 50-year-old Blue Card Program that has never been anymore than a waste of taxpayer dollars.

North Las Vegas is currently utilizing the Las Vegas jail and other protective services. It’s time to end the duplication and consolidate North Las Vegas police into Metro. It works well for those citizens served by Metro, whether they live in the unincorporated county or the city of Las Vegas.

Every day, Metro units are seen in North Las Vegas on Craig Road, Interstate 15 north of Nellis Air Force Base, Cheyenne Avenue and virtually all areas of North Las Vegas. The North Las Vegas Police Department could very simply become the Northeast Area Command and provide better service without an increase in manpower. This is by far the best move, even if Clark County needs to request a special legislative session to accomplish it. This is really a small valley with little to be gained by multiple law enforcement subdivisions.



Social Security

To the editor:

It appears that President Barack Obama’s going to break a campaign promise and cut Social Security, because Congress feels that’s the best thing to do.

They should do their homework. Decades back, Congress started borrowing from the Social Security fund, and they never paid the loans back with interest and late charges to boot.

Now, if that would’ve been me, the bill would be due and payable now. The best way to resolve the issue is to start a new program. When the young kids go to work and get their first position with any company, they wouldn’t pay into the Social Security fund as a weekly or biweekly paycheck deduction. They would start their own individual fund. Not a 401(k) so the banks, investment companies and Wall Street can use and lose their money. They would start their own account and save for their own future retirement. That way no one but them could mess with their money.

Let me remind Congress that all but a few of the people on Social Security put money into the fund all of their working lives — from 16 years old to whatever age they retire at.

Another way to resolve the Social Security issue: When the treasury writes a check to a foreign country for aid or to pay for weapons, write out the same amount to the Social Security fund. Wouldn’t take too long for the Social Security fund issue to go away now, would it?



No fear

To the editor:

According to his April 14 letter, “North Korea does not fear Obama,” Wayne Brotherton believes good foreign policy is made through fear, and that people in other countries were afraid of President George W. Bush. I guess Mr. Brotherton has forgotten that a citizen of Iraq threw his shoes at the president during a televised news conference in Baghdad.

Iraqi government officials and the U.S. military had the shoes destroyed because people in the region were calling for them to be placed in a museum. Doesn’t sound much like fear to me.



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