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How about a boycott of Culinary properties?

To the editor:

The AFL-CIO, under the leadership of Richard Trumka, has decided to lend his support to the local Culinary union, which wants to organize 5,000 of the 13,000 workers at the Station Casinos properties (Friday Review-Journal). Mr. Trumka is threatening Station Casinos with a national boycott.

The Culinary wants a card-check process, which is a union tactic, instead of the usual secret-ballot election overseen by the National Labor Relations Board. Card check is a system that allows the union to organize a workforce by providing each employee with a card for them to sign. This allows union representatives to visit the employee at his residence and pressure him into signing the card.

My wife and I retired in Las Vegas in 2004 and spend a great deal of money frequenting all of the hotels on the Strip and in the community. We have never looked at whether a hotel has Culinary union workers or not. We enjoy Station Casinos, and the employees are professional and courteous.

If Mr. Trumka decides to strong-arm Station Casinos, we will then boycott any casino that is represented by the Culinary union, and most of our entertainment spending will be at Station properties.

I am sick and tired of Mr. Trumka and his union thugs who think they can run roughshod over any company. Mr. Trumka is constantly trying to strong-arm companies in this country, and he does not have the interest of the employee in mind, only building a bigger empire for him and the union executives.

Michael O. Kreps

Las Vegas

Union bullies

To the editor:

The persistent efforts of the Culinary union to bully its way into Station Casinos and the recently announced support of the Southern Nevada Building & Construction Trades Council are just what Nevada needs to motivate companies to locate here.

I notice that the unions are already harassing WinCo foods for not employing union workers. Somehow, WinCo and most other companies and their workforces are quite successful without the burdens of unions.

I think that the majority of people — who don’t belong to unions, don’t approve of their bullying tactics and don’t want to pay for the ridiculously high salaries and perks of their bosses — need to come together and put the unions on notice that they need to butt out.

Unions are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Tim Welch


Imagine the damage

To the editor:

Good grief. Annual legislative sessions (“Assemblyman promotes annual legislative sessions,” Thursday Review-Journal)? Doesn’t the Gang of 63 create enough consternation and get into enough mischief with biennial sessions?


Las Vegas

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