It’s all about undermining President Obama

To the editor:

The sheer nonsense and incomprehension of some of your letters to the editor about President Barack Obama, from mostly Republican conservatives, is sad and disheartening. Fortunately, the American people can see through it and what conservative Republicans are trying to do: undermine the presidency. But it won’t work.

Republican conservatives are attacking President Obama now on all fronts, piling it on, directly blaming him for everything from Benghazi to the scandal at the IRS to the AP investigation within the Justice Department. Republicans, of course, have always wanted President Obama to fail. Republicans in the House voted for the 37th time to repeal the Affordable Care Act. What a waste of time and money.

Where were these Republican conservatives when the Bush administration really did lie to the American people and got us involved in Iraq, where more than 4,000 young people lost their lives, needlessly, in a war that did not have to happen? Where were conservatives when liberal groups like the NAACP and several black churches were targeted for scrutiny by the IRS when they sought tax-exempt status during George W. Bush’s reign as president? Answer: They were nowhere, and they said and did nothing.

I am personally sick and tired of being sick and tired of Republican conservatives’ manufactured scandals, innuendos, lies and deceit.



On war, hatred

To the editor:

As one who has been on this planet four years longer than John Tominsky, I thought I might qualify to offer some thoughts about his May 18 letter, “Hatred, forever and ever.”

The history of mankind on this planet has been a history of war. There have been numerous books written as to causes of war, from ideological differences to just plain greed. Perhaps if the leaders of those nations who instigate wars were required to physically lead their troops into combat there would be fewer wars. In today’s world that probably won’t happen.

During World War II, I went to school with many students of Japanese extraction. Many were my friends, and I had no ill feelings toward the Japanese. Yet it is understandable that those who were involved in combat on a face-to-face basis with an enemy intent upon killing them could form a hatred for that enemy. We learned of many atrocities.

Regretfully, wars still persist and probably always will. I do take exception to Mr. Tominsky’s comment regarding hatred for President Barack Obama and his family because they are black. I do not hold President Obama in high regard because of the color of his skin, but rather because I think he is a very poor leader, has been divisive, and in some respects has abused the privileges of his office. But that is just my opinion.



IRS and health care

To the editor:

Sarah Hall Ingram, the woman who oversaw IRS targeting of conservative groups, is now in charge of Obamacare. That has chilling implications.

Remember, when the government controls your health care, it can also target you for no care if your viewpoint is politically incorrect. Picture the anguish of a mother whose dying child is refused help because her husband marched in the wrong picket line.

That was common practice in the Soviet Union and is still the unadmitted policy in Red China, North Korea and Cuba — all places where President Barack Obama’s dream to redistribute the wealth is a big thing. Will we foolishly allow this administration to repeat their cruel mistake? God help us if we do.



Gun in a crowded room

To the editor:

This letter is in response to James A. Geffert’s May 9 letter, “Shootout”:

The author put forth a scenario where he, as a concealed firearms permit holder, could be shot while listening to a professor in a crowded lecture hall. He hears a shot and a scream. He jumps up, sees another man with a gun and the two shoot each other to death, only to find that the shot and scream came from another permit holder who had discharged a pistol that was stuffed in his waistband while he was scratching an itch. And the author and the other guy were both permit holders.

I know hundreds of concealed carry permit holders here in Las Vegas and elsewhere. Not one of them carries a firearm on their waistband, unless it is in a holster. Any holster made in the past 20 years has been manufactured to cover the trigger to keep people from shooting themselves when they scratch that itch.

There are millions of permit holders throughout the United States sitting in crowded restaurants, where I am sure someone with a gun had an itch, yet this has never happened. I have never heard of this happening in a crowded theater, or at a crowded sporting event, concert or anywhere else, for that matter. What I have heard of is mass killings in schools, malls, restaurants and just about everywhere else permit holders are not allowed to exercise their rights.

I would say to the author, if you do not want the responsibility of your own defense or you do not feel the moral obligation to defend others, that’s fine. You have the right to take refuge under your desk. But do not take away the rights and abilities of those who would not hesitate, for a second, to stand between you and the bad guys.



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