Jury rightly gives Zimmerman justice

To the editor:

Is there any justice for George Zimmerman? Mr. Zimmerman was a guy involved in a tragic event, and a jury of his peers found him not guilty of any offense. The FBI did an extensive investigation to see if there was any racial intent in Mr. Zimmerman’s actions and found he was not a racist.

But Al Sharpton, because of his political motivations, wants to inflame the black community and make this case all about racism. If there is a bigger racist in this country than Mr. Sharpton, I’ve never heard of him.

After O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of murder, did you see the white community call for riots in the streets, along with looting? Did you see any posters seeking Mr. Simpson dead or alive? I don’t think so. If there is any common sense left in this country, we should give justice to Mr. Zimmerman, just as the jury did.



Many questions

To the editor:

Having followed the Trayvon Martin trial fairly closely, along with the media feeding frenzy, I have questions that haven’t received coverage and in my view are very valid.

First off, physically, how did these two individuals compare? Who was taller, who was heavier and which one was more physically fit? Was the housing complex where this took place a rental or a condominium community? Under what jurisdiction did George Zimmerman function in his role as watchman? Who did he report to, or was he operating on his own? What training did he receive? Who made sure that the rules were followed? Did Mr. Zimmerman have a badge and credentials in order to identify himself? Was he required to identify himself when confronting an individual?

Furthermore, was the gun he used to kill Mr. Martin his own or issued to him by the housing complex? Did the housing complex authorize him to be a watchman with a gun? Assuming that the community where Mr. Zimmerman lived either assigned him this job or knew of his patrols, isn’t that association in some way responsible for what happened?

There are numerous other questions, including why the media won’t demand an investigation of why the prosecution did such a horrible job in this case. We all know in our hearts and minds that Mr. Zimmerman is guilty of killing Mr. Martin, but that doesn’t mean anything. From a legal standpoint, had the prosecution done a better job, I believe the outcome would have been different.



Detroit a rotten apple

To the editor:

Detroit filed for bankruptcy. Metaphorically, I see this as the rotten apple in the barrel. At one time, Detroit was one of the most productive cities in America, but due to its political leanings, socialism replaced capitalism. All Detroit automakers needed to do was compete technologically with the Asian and European auto industry, and they would still be in command. When we give up profit motive for government control, we damage the ability to succeed. Government isn’t interested in profit motive. All it does is ask the working class for just a little more at a time, and eventually you replace the working class with total government dependency.

All that’s left in Detroit now are those with overdrawn government checks, and the media embraces the socialistic ideology to sell more news.

Every five minutes, we see on every TV station ads to take out reverse mortgages. Sure, go ahead and spend what little equity is left in America, and add to the problem. The unemployment rate put forth by the media isn’t 7.6 percent; that only applies to those eligible to collect benefits. If those who are still unemployed but no longer look for work were included, I’d say 15 percent would be more accurate.

Builders are starting to build, but I see that as a skyscraper on quicksand, expanding government dependency. Eventually, we will have an entire barrel full of rotten apples.



ObamaCare reaction

To the editor:

We’ve all heard that for every action, there’s a reaction. Politics is no different. When Congress passes a bill, there will be changes, some good, some not so good. It’s kind of like medication with all the side effects that we hear about. Unfortunately, passing laws doesn’t work that way, because the bad aspects aren’t made known until it’s too late.

The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is a prime example of this. Providing (or forcing) health care to most sounded like a good idea when it was proposed. Not such a great idea when it was passed by Congress, as most people didn’t have any idea what the law contained.

Now it seems that all the side effects are becoming known. It will cost hundreds of billions of dollars, as opposed to paying for itself, as first reported. There will be a whole lot of full-time employees suddenly finding that they’re now part-timers. There won’t be enough medical staff to properly administer to their patients.

This bill was signed in the dark and should be canceled, with discussion starting over so a new national health care plan that will work can be instituted.



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