Killer in brutal murders deserves death penalty

To the editor:

I read the articles about the double-homicide involving the Martinez family. How sick can a person be to rape and kill people?

The suspect claims he doesn’t remember. Too bad. He was on drugs. Too bad. He’s sorry. Too bad.

DNA will determine if he’s guilty. And if this guy is found guilty, he must be executed. Not within 10 years, but within 10 months. He needs to die while people still remember the crime. Maybe that will prevent at least one murder or rape.

It’s time to send a message that we will not accept this behavior anymore.



Clear choice

To the editor:

In November we have a clear choice between a Republican Party of economic inequalities and a Democratic Party of political reforms and opportunity for all.

Mitt Romney said the next election is a choice between his proposed “opportunity society,” helping only the wealthiest Americans and corporations through deregulation, and President Obama’s “entitlement society,” which includes Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as we know it, and federal regulations necessary to avoid another economic catastrophe like the one under George W. Bush.

Republicans love economic inequality – they offered tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans regardless of the deficit and proposed enormous budget cuts for programs that help the poor and the middle class, who struggle to survive with cost-of-living increases, stagnant salaries and high unemployment.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., proposed a budget to lower the federal deficit without tax increases or IRS reforms to close loopholes. It’s the same ridiculous right-wing “trickle-down” economic fantasy that failed before under Republican administations.



Growth model

To the editor:

The United States has become a mature economy, dependent on innovation, new production methods and new products for growth. A highly skilled workforce, reduced barriers to business creation and long-term investments in research and development will provide the underpinning to our future growth. Low interest rates, indebtedness and tax credits for selected industries will not sustain long-term growth.

A balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution will go a long way toward bringing our house in order. We need to have a predictable tax rate (graduated flat tax), a rational energy policy that promotes domestic energy, a friendly business climate and a compassionate safety net (guaranteed minimum income) that allows the individuals impacted by “creative destruction” to adjust.

Free markets will be impacted by this election; failure to change our current direction will result in a continued drift toward a European-style, low-growth, double-digit-unemployment economy.

Harry H. Ray

North Las Vegas

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