Killer’s life shouldn’t be spared

To the editor:

The family of Donna Marie Kitowski has suffered the loss of their daughter and had to listen for a third time as Richard Haberstroh, the murderer of their daughter, asked our judicial system to spare his life (“Feeling pain three times over,” July 28 Review-Journal). If Mr. Haberstroh is mentally deficient, perhaps there might be a reason that the state has fed him, clothed him, housed him, and provided dental and medical treatment for the term of his prison sentence.

So Did Mr. Haberstroh ever have his hearing checked? Did he not hear Ms. Kitowski beg for her own life? Did he grant that wish? Why does any state create such a make-work appeals process from which judges, attorneys, bailiffs and more derive employment at tremendous cost to the taxpayer?

If guilty beyond any doubt, then just end the murderers’ lives, as they so heartlessly took the lives of others.



Vengeance toward Onion

To the editor:

Can anyone explain to me the bloodlust and hunger for vengeance toward Onion the dog? I thought that humans were supposed to be on a higher level of intellect than animals. Onion didn’t lay awake at night plotting a way to kill a child.

While it’s sad that a child died, it was a spur-of-the-moment reaction by a startled dog that reacted to being tugged on while he was asleep, by an infant who should have been more closely supervised by adults. Again, the dog operated on instinct, but the humans against him are acting on pure revenge. Onion has been locked up in a small cage and is suffering from loneliness and lack of exercise, and he has no clue why.

The letter from Bradley Kuhns (“Put down Onion, before another tragedy,” Tuesday letters) exemplifies the reasoning that I cannot comprehend. All I can think is that Mr. Kuhns watched the movie “Cujo,” and it made a negative lasting impression on him, while also making him an expert in animal behavior. Mr. Kuhns stated, “Onion tasted human flesh and blood.” Really? So now Onion no longer wants dog food or treats, or human interaction? He only wants to roam the planet devouring human beings because, as Mr. Kuhns states, “it gets easier the second and third time.” I’ve read that assessment about human serial killers, but never about dogs. Plus, Onion would be taken to a sanctuary, not released into a child day-care facility or a nursing home.

Humans have the choice of making decisions. Humans kill each other from hate, anger and revenge. Animals kill for survival — protecting their young, protecting themselves or for food. But many animals, especially dogs, have an incredible capacity for love and devotion. Apparently, Mr. Kuhns and others have never known the love of a dog and will sleep much better if Onion is executed. That lust for killing scares me more than any dog ever has.



Reid and the IRS

To the editor:

Can’t anyone in the media put two and two together? The IRS is corrupt, through and through. It is known that the agency targeted conservative organizations. Did it also target politicians? The most high-profile incident was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid taunting and harassing Republican nominee Mitt Romney over his tax returns during the 2012 presidential campaign. Tax returns are filed with the corrupt IRS, though by law, it is a felony to make those returns public. A felony is a serious crime.

Sen. Reid adroitly refused to reveal the source from whom he got Mr. Romney’s tax information. So, where did Sen. Reid get his information? Am I the only one putting two and two together?

The House of Representatives should call our dear Nevada senator to testify and compel him to reveal his source. Failure to call Mr. Reid to testify would be a dereliction of duty. The American people need to root this out for the sake of not having our democratic system permanently corrupted by its own politicians and government agencies. You cannot kill a rattlesnake by cutting the tail off (in this case, IRS employees). You must go for the head.



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