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Lake Mead Boulevard project dangerous

The article about road construction on Lake Mead Boulevard stated the road would be decreased by two lanes between Pecos Road and Civic Center Drive, ostensibly for safety (“Lake Mead Blvd. to get improvements,” Feb. 26 Review-Journal). But impeding traffic will not increase safety.

Lake Mead Boulevard is the major arterial to southbound Interstate 15 for the northeast part of town, especially Sunrise Mountain. Pushing traffic into a bottleneck will increase collisions as people make last minute maneuvers. It will increase emergency vehicle response times. North Vista Hospital is located west of the proposed bottleneck. How will the Nevada Department of Transportation respond the first time an ambulance arrives too late?

This change will also increase commute times for everyone who lives east of Pecos Road. The speed limit is already 35 mph west of Pecos. How slow should we go? My commute is slow enough. There are bus stops in the bottleneck area, as well, meaning there will be one moving lane as bus riders load and unload. And more pollutants will be concentrated in that neighborhood as the idling increases.

The article noted that the NDOT would accept input until March 11. I hope everyone who travels down Lake Mead Boulevard contacts the project manager to oppose this plan.

Richard D. Gould

Las Vegas

Trump’s TV time

Donald Trump seems to have bought the television media, or the television media is trying to elect a president. There are other Republicans running for president, but their coverage pales compared with that given to Mr. Trump.

I am among many Republicans who don’t think Mr. Trump is the best person to carry the banner into the November election. The party itself is to blame. Drafting Mitt Romney would have been a great option. Promoting a ticket comprised of Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio would have been virtually unbeatable. But all we get is Donald Trump.

I guess it’s true that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Jim Armbrust

Las Vegas

Trump’s temperament

Now that Donald Trump has won the Nevada Republican caucus (and several other states), will anyone really listen to what he has to say? He’s insulted almost every American in one way or another, and he’s not saying anything about how he would deal with the country’s real problems.

It’s too bad Mr. Trump was never taught, “Don’t say everything you know, but know everything you say.” He is a bully and a braggart. I, for one, am embarrassed.

Helga Lott

Las Vegas

Caucuses a joke

What a waste of time waiting in line for almost two hours at my Republican caucus site. When I finally got inside, there was nobody caucusing at all. There is no reason in the world why Nevada shouldn’t hold a primary instead. Having said that, why are the Republican and Democratic caucuses on different days? This state can do better, and it is high time it came to a vote by the people of Nevada.

Robert Thad Mykovich

North Las Vegas

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