Let’s put education over ‘safe spaces’

In response to your front-page Friday story, “UNLV math instructor ignites storm”:

Instructor George Buch was right in his opinion and is correct about a federal law that undocumented students are not entitled to college. When I was teaching at a community college in the Midwest in the 1990s, that was the policy. Other instructors in my office area didn’t like it and said they wouldn’t comply. I said they were breaking the law.

As far as the president of UNLV not wanting to comply, it is on him and the regents if they keep caving in to the demands of a very small number of students.

Let’s get back to teaching and educating instead of creating “safe places” and not wanting to take tests.

Robert Owen

Las Vegas

Going nuclear

Most people in Nevada weren’t born when the testing was going on at Yucca Flats in the 1950s and ’60s. You won’t see it mentioned in articles on Yucca Mountain.

In his recent letter, Jim Cassidy wrote that he “understands” the problems of transportation and storage of the radioactive waste for the project have not been solved. He is mistaken. Both are engineering problems and have been solved. Mr. Cassidy just doesn’t know about it. In his defense, most people don’t.

Let me offer some education on the subject.

The rods will be transported in the middle of poured concrete cylinders weighing about 2 tons each. In an accident, the hazardous material would not be exposed.

On site, they will be stored on titanium drip plates. If there ever is a drip, it won’t be allowed to reach the ground.

Let engineers solve engineering problems. Let scientists disarm nuclear warheads. And let a billion-dollar per year industry, which does not depend on tourism, move to Southern Nevada.

David Bender

Las Vegas

Football rout

Come on, Kenny Sanchez and Bishop Gorman. A score of 84- 8 isn’t a game. What happened to sportsmanship? You are bullies.

Yvonne Wood

Las Vegas

Local gamers

Station Casinos must be smiling thanks to all the business being sent their way by the Strip casinos charging for parking. We all have favorite casinos that we visit, but most of us are not platinum customers. Those people don’t care about parking fees.

What the casinos don’t realize is that we go to many casinos to eat, see a show or gamble. Add an $18 charge for parking and most of us will go elsewhere. Without the locals during slow times, the casinos will be slow.

Boycott any casino that charges for parking. They don’t deserve our business.

John Rooney

North Las Vegas

Animal care

In response to the Nov. 27 Review-Journal story, “What Ozzie the giraffe needs for Christmas: Heat”:

Let me see if I have this straight. This animal has been with Keith Evans for well more than a year and he has already been through one winter, yet now Mr. Evans realizes his enclosure wasn’t adequate enough to keep him warm?

This animal is way out of Mr. Evans’ league but he got him anyway in an effort to bring people out there to pay to see and feed him. This giraffe deserves far better than Mr. Evans can provide.

E. Cossairt

Las Vegas

No love

What hate I read in the Review-Journal’s Monday letters to the editor. First, Nadia Romeo called President-Elect Donald Trump and his family the “devil and his spawn.” Then, letter writer Ed Drost indicated that the Republican Party promoted industry to “enslave middle-class working men and woman.”

Where is the love and understanding that Democrats tell us we must practice? Oh, I see. Only Republicans can be hateful.

Mary Konopka

Las Vega

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