Let’s stop advocating for those who broke the law

It was heartbreaking to read your Monday article, “UNLV vows to boost aid for immigrant children.” The “feel-good” story regarding the illegal children who need help just made law-abiding citizens disgusted.

Where are the priorities of our elected officials? Their first job is to advocate for their constituents, which include all the homeless veterans who sacrificed doing what they perceived as their duty to their country. Now they are homeless? This really is a national disgrace.

It is time politicians advocate for all veterans and law-abiding citizens, otherwise all of them are violating their oath of office by advocating for criminals. The laws must be enforced. Stop picking and choosing due to political correctness.

Marlene Drozd

Las Vegas

Chained up

This summer’s extreme heat often draws our attention to barking dogs who are left outside, chained in backyards. While a county ordinance requires that animals not be tethered during extreme temperatures, a drive around the valley reveals that not everyone cares about the rules or their pets.

It’s easy to argue why chaining a dog is bad: The animal is helpless if it upends its water dish or cannot reach shelter when the sun shifts. It’s susceptible to other predatory animals, and to humans who might wish to harm it because it is a nuisance due to the barking. It cannot escape in the case of an emergency — and the long-term chaining frequently causes emotional issues from the isolation and lack of mobility.

However, there is more than just the animal welfare perspective. Chained dogs become more aggressive due to frustration. This becomes an issue of public safety. More than half of bite victims, nationally, have been children between the ages of five and nine. That’s a sobering statistic.

Additionally, ask any Realtor just how easy it is to sell a home next door to a chained-up, barking dog. Property values can suffer (as well as the neighbors’ sleep pattern).

Owning a pet is an elective choice, just like owning a pool. We have regulations requiring us to ensure safety measures are in place when we install swimming pools so as to prevent drowning. We ought to also have a ban prohibiting chaining in lieu of more humane methods so that our dogs do not become bite risks.

It’s sad that we’d need to make this a law. But thanks to all the pet owners who don’t adequately care about their animals’ needs or their fellow residents, laws are necessary.

Annoula Wylderich

Las Vegas

Verbal stumbler

As a registered Independent, I have earnestly, and with an open mind, listened carefully to both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I’ve come to a conclusion regarding my choice of Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Regardless of policies, temperament, background, experience, strengths, etc., I find that Mr. Trump is simply unable mentally to gather and convey his thoughts and ideas in a coherent articulate manner. His lack of basic communication skills, alone, disqualify him from the job of president, where he would be called upon to speak on behalf of the United States of America on the world stage.

Susan Ware

Las Vegas

School choice

My four children went through K-12 in the Clark County public schools. All had some college education.

As a taxpayer, I am adamantly opposed to the voucher program for private or secular schools (“Poll: Wealthy favor school-choice plan,” Wednesday Review-Journal). Isn’t there a separation of state and religion? If the rich parents want private schooling, let them pay for it.

We have many poor students who need better funded educational programs. Keep the money in the public schools and devote it to poor-performing schools.

Loretta A. Eichelberger

North Las Vegas

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