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LETTER: Perhaps a radical change of Nevada’s electoral process is necessary

Your Monday editorial says that only a “bored accountant” could love ranked-choice voting and jungle primaries and says such a system would be confusing and upend elections as we know them. Perhaps it’s time.

I am a decades-long independent who has voted since I was 18 years old. I am 66 today. I painstakingly vet every person I vote for regardless of position or party. If voting today reflected the process as intended by the Constitution, it would not be dominated by only two parties — particularly when a majority of voters across the country, and in Nevada, are independents who outnumber both Democrat and Republican voters. Why shouldn’t all the voters have a say in who does run in November?

It is understandable that both parties have spoken out against this. If a candidate from either party is the best choice, then present that case to all voters. Why wouldn’t we vote for him or her? The partisanship displayed in both parties, by the media and by those who don’t have open eyes, ears or mind to something other than what is supported by a “D” or an “R,” would seem to want to continue the political division in the country.

There are plenty of issues dividing us, and the two capital letters representing politics in the country are front and center.

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